Part II-III Leave the European Union, Euro: Operation Ukraine — Proxy for What?

“[T]he situation in Ukraine, which seems to be accidental, has the elements of the inevitable.”  x

– President Xi Jinping of China on the situation in Ukraine, BricsPost, March 5, 2014.

“How America ‘manages’ Eurasia is critical… (p.31) .Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire…(p. 46) .Europe could become one of the vital pillars of an American-sponsored larger Eurasian structure of security and cooperation…(p. 59) .[B]etween 2005 and 2010, Ukraine… should become ready for serious negotiations with both the EU and NATO… .[I]t is not too early for the West… the decade 2005 – 2015 as a reasonable time frame for… Ukraine’s… inclusion [EU, NATO].” (p. 84,121)

– Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997).

It is an unusual time to observe many decades of history and its agents gather to the present at a coup d’état of Ukraine – the largest last of the post-Soviet states in Eastern Europe  –  that takes subverted U.S.-European Union and NATO aspirations to the borders of Russia and China.

Perhaps China understands the prescient words of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who with the Vatican and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, conducted covert operations in Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states… at least two decades before his 1997 book. The CIA’s Nazi SS general and his SS intelligence network provided much of the CIA’s intelligence on Eastern Europe and Russia… as they would emerge as “missionaries of democracy”, rounding up Western Europe and post-Soviet states scarred by communism into the European Union of the New York-London Nazi Reich financiers.

One could go back to March 26, 1917 when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson gave Leon Trotsky $10,000 and an American passport with Russian and British travel permits, and accompanied by Wall Street financiers sailed off to “carry forward” the communist revolution in Russia… as they would build from behind the communist Soviet Union, later paraded as the “Evil Empire”. Years later, $5 billion to “carry forward” Ukraine, the largest last of the post-Soviet states into the European Union, brought to fruition through joint CIA-Nazi intelligence operations in Eastern  Europe and Russia… as one gets a glimpse of how this was done from Poland…Ukraine… to Boris Yeltsin until Yeltsin’s successor stepped in.

Let’s pause to review recent events. Fitch credit ratings give most indebted United States  “AAA” highest ratings (but threatens to take it away), affirms European Union “AAA” and stable outlook (March 12), and Standard & Poor’s downgrades Ukraine to CCC junk (March 14) (web). In the past, ratings agencies and Wall Street banks including Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase made an effort to hide the debt and derivatives risks for countries such as Greece, Italy and Portugal to join the European Union under the EU Maastricht Treaty, for instance, a debt-to-GDP under 60%.

As of Oct. 2013, 13 out of 17 Eurozone countries exceed this level and another two borderline into the foreseeable future based on IMF World Economic Outlook. End-2013, emerging and developing economies (China, Russia et al) hold nearly half of the $1.5 trillion in official global reserve holdings of the EU’s euros as the most indebted EU-US Siamese twins impose sanctions and kick Russia out of the G-8, becoming the indebted dominion of G-7 and then the G-0. In March 2014, Fitch and S&P downgrade Mother Russia’s credit rating to “Negative;” in April, S&P further downgrades Mother Russia to above “Junk”.  [Russia’s relative debt is below that of the “emerging & developing economies” in the triptych above].

In the year 2014, G-7 and EU founding member Italy will include drugs, prostitution, and arms trafficking to boost its GDP calculations (“Cocaine Sales to Boost Italian GDP in Boon for Budget.” Bloomberg, May 22, 2014). A question is whether fellow G-7 advanced economies Canada, Germany, Japan, U.K., France and U.S. will follow Italy’s lead, unless Italy was the last to do so. In the above charts, consider the U.S. economic recovery espoused by the highest intellects of Federal Reserve Yale-Harvard-Princeton et al Ph.D. economists (whose publications in esteemed economic journals are based on official U.S. government statistics) and financial “oracles”.

Consider also the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) discussed among such circles as a global reserve currency alternative: instead of the most advanced, indebted U.S. dollar printer as the primary reserve currency, have a basket case of the advanced indebted printers as the primary global reserve currency. Or, in the words of “Maestro” in 2007:

It is “absolutely conceivable that the euro will replace the dollar as reserve currency…” Former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan, Honorary Knight of the British Empire (Reuters, Sept. 17, 2007). A year earlier, U.S President George W. Bush (May 5, 2006 copy) gave presidential authority to intelligence czar, John Negroponte, in the name of national security to exempt publicly traded companies from accounting and securities disclosure obligations. By fall 2008, the U.S.-western banking, financial system collapsed as the Federal Reserve Bank and European Central Bank hot-wired each other some $8 trillion in dollar-euro swaps (“loans”) that neither had to keep the system from imploding (previous post,The Federal Reserve Bank is Naked).

Within days of the pro-EU coalition armed coup of Ukraine’s Yanukovych government, which had suspended signing the EU association agreement on Nov. 21, 2013 in favor of Russia (Reuters), EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht offered the bankrupt Ukraine: “We are ready to sign when Ukraine is ready to sign [EU association agreement]. The benefits will be seen a couple of weeks after the signature.” (“EU offer of free-trade pact with Ukraine still stands, Brussels ready to sign – EU trade chief.” Reuters, Feb. 28, 2014). For an immediate trajectory of the benefits, see the triptych above.

Russia moved to secure its Black Sea Fleet naval base in Crimea (established by Russia’s Catherine the Great in 1783; history 1855) as on March 16, 2014, over 95% of Crimea’s 1.5 million voters chose to secede from Ukraine and reunite with Russia. The European Union, United States, NATO and Ukraine coup-government condemn Crimea’s referendum to be an “illegal” “unconstitutional” “farce” and impose sanctions on Russia.

In 1954 Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, former Ukraine leader, gave Crimea to Ukraine reportedly as a demonstration of “brotherly” affection between Russia and Ukraine (“Ukraine Gaining in Soviet Affairs.” NYT, Feb. 28, 1954). In 2009 Pravda reports Khrushchev held a 15 minute discussion followed by a vote with only 13 of 27 Supreme Council members present to give Crimea to Ukraine, detaching Russia from its Black Sea Fleet naval base. In1992 the Russia Council ruled the give away to be illegitimate. With CIA assistance, Boris Yeltsin would give away a lot more…

The European Union has since fast-tracked East European post-Soviet states Moldova and Georgia to the EU (EurActiv, Dec. 20, 2013) and to NATO (Letter from 40 U.S. Congressmen to U.S. State Secretary John Kerry urging NATO enlargement, Feb. 5, 2014). On March 13, the government of Moldova banned local referendums “on issues of national importance” in case the people get any ideas about fleeing the EU. Incidentally within 24 hours of the coup d’état in Ukraine, Iceland quietly dropped its bid for EU membership (and dodged a repeat volcanic eruption).

Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova compose what the United States calls the “GUAM” countries that occupy ‘favorable geographic positions’ between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea as potential transporters of Caspian Oil; Georgia and Azerbaijan also bridge the Middle East. Following the U.S.-sponsored Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, congressional testimony noted Ukraine has become GUAM’s regional leader in “promoting democracy and human rights” as they join the European Union and NATO (“Ukraine: Developments in the Aftermath of the Orange Revolution.” Hearing before Subcommittee on Europe and Emerging Threats of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, 109th Congress, 1st Session, July 7, 2005, p.27).

In 1995 Grand Chessboard Brzezinski left for Baku to a deliver a letter to Aliyev on behalf of the President Clinton and the U.S. oil companies. Brzezinski became Amoco’s paid consultant. (“Pipe Dreams-Struggle for Caspian Oil: Azerbaijan’s Riches Alter Chessboard.” Washington Post, Oct 4, 1998). President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, rated the world’s sixth most corrupt nation, had awarded billions in oil contracts to BP-Amoco, Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil – all pieces of Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, financier-collaborator of the Nazi Third Reich (Part I) and CIA covert operations to round up nations into their European Union.

A consortium including Royal Dutch-Shell Group (Rothschild combine) and Bechtel had hoped to build the U.S.-backed trans-Caspian pipeline through Georgia and Azerbaijan to Turkey – the Nabucco Pipelines shown in blue on the map on the right. (“Turkmenistan Deal May Kill Pipeline Backed by the U.S.” WSJ, Nov. 14, 2000; “Nabucco against the minnows.” Asia Times, Aug 25, 2011). The Rothschilds, Reich financier and BP shareholder post-overthrow of Iran’s Mossadegh for Iran’s oil fields, draw oil wealth from Baku since nearly a century ago, which then produced about 75% of the world’s oil. (“Baku to the future: Will BP Amoco’s natural gas discovery put the boom back into the Caspian Sea oil capital?” The Guardian, 14 July 1999). More on the returns on investment in Trotsky farther down…

Pentagon officials argue U.S. military presence is needed in Azerbaijan ‘to stop terrorists from traveling across the Caspian Sea’ (“Our Man in Baku.” Washington Post, Jan. 5, 2004). President George W. Bush 43rd  gave Azerbaijan $3 million in military aid and pronounced Aliyev an honorary Texas citizen.

The decades long U.S.-EU backed Nabucco project died in June 2013 as “Nabucco loses out on Azerbaijan gas pipe deal” (Financial Times, June 27, 2013; “Pipeline turns into pipe dream.” Globe and Mail, July 2, 2013)… when the Syrian crisis erupted as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calls for a strike against the evil regime in Syria (where there are pipelines too). The estimated costs for constructing  South Stream through Crimea have been cut in half (Russia Beyond the Headlines).

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova are set to sign the European Union association agreement on June 27, 2014, as the European Union threatens Bulgaria to suspend its participation in Russia’s South Stream project (“Russia’s South Stream pipeline in deep freeze as EU tightens sanctions noose.” Telegraph, April 7, 2014). With bankruptcy, civil war and military bombings, Ukraine says it will “remove need” for South Stream if other countries join its partners from the European Union or United States (“Ukraine says it will ‘remove need’ for South Stream pipeline.” Euractiv, June 20, 2014).

But the Grand Chessboard is much bigger.

Since the pro-EU Ukraine coup, tensions have escalated against Kiev in Ukraine’s eastern regions whose citizens reject coup-Kiev and want closer ties with Russia as coup-Kiev sends “anti-terrorist” forces to shut down the “terrorist” “separatist” protestors (The Telegraph, April 15, 2014). Ukraine’s General Vasily Krutov warns “if they [protestors] do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed.

And then there is Brzezinski’s 40-year old Polish Solidarity recipe passed down to Ukraine’s Orange-flavored chocolate king, with regular servings of sanctions blessed.

At least there is no need to hide debt anymore.


I.  Consider A Broader Picture of What Is Happening to Ukraine, Europe

“It is noteworthy that as recently as 1940 two aspirants to global power, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, agreed explicitly (in the secret negotiations of November of that year) that America should be excluded from Eurasia… A half century later, the issue has been redefined: will America’s primacy in Eurasia endure, and to what ends might it be applied.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives, Introduction, p. xiv, Washington, DC. April 1997.