Part IV Leave the European Union: Hitler’s Missionaries for Democracy Descend on Russia, China, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Greece, Middle East… The World [UPDATE 1]


“And I think the Chinese, I don’t think…want to overturn the system…They have profited greatly by the system… .And I believe they’re gradually realizing that they’re dependent on the system that, as they run out of energy…. .So they need a stable world…

Who is the guarantor, if there is one, of a more stable world? It’s the United States…

.We can’t make China a friend, but we can behave to make them an enemy. If we decide they are…”

Henry Kissinger: No, I think he [Putin] will give up power.
Charlie Rose: But — oh, I see, you do.
Henry Kissinger: I think he [Putin] will give up power.
Brent Scowcroft: He [Putin] will give up his office.
Henry Kissinger: He[Putin] will give up his office.

–Former National Security Advisors Brent Scowcroft with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger (tasked with George H.W. Bush Sr. to build up China in opposition to Russia – A.C. Sutton), June 15, 2007 Charlie Rose Interview Transcript, YouTube.

The value of gold soaked in blood will be calculated in dollars and will be used to finance American exports to Europe… .It is known that gold does not stink…”

Rzeczpospolita, the Polish government newspaper on U.S. plans to use gold stolen by the Nazis to fund the central banks in Europe (Chicago Daily Tribune, Sept. 27, 1947) as CIA-Nazi SS covert operations rounded up nations in Europe into the European Union.


It was 70 years ago in the end days of World War II that Allied forces found a document with the rules for subversion in Dusseldorf, Germany  (Former Soviet KGB Subversion Expert, Yuri Bezmenov (1984). Love Letter to America, p. 18). These same rules would be used to subvert the United States by the 1960s, funded by Adolf Hitler’s New York-London bankers (financiers, industrialists). The essence of the subversion mechanisms breaks the family and traditional values, corrupts the individual and society, and imbue exceptionalism (‘superiority’, ‘specialness’) while being dumbed down.

Before the United States entered World War II, the United Kingdom and United States entered into a secret UKUSA intelligence-sharing pact, declassified 70 years later in 2010 what would be exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013 as the NSA-GCHQ “Five Eyes” of domestic and global surveillance that has been on the hunt for him. What emerges when these new declassified documents are integrated with the financing of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Reich?

Out of the UKUSA intelligence pact, their “chairman of the Establishment” saw the United States as the “arsenal of democracy”, launched with Hitler the face of the “so-called” Nazi Third Reich and U.S. military men “dumb, stupid animals” to be used as pawns for foreign policy, echoed CIA Nazi recruiter protégé Henry Kissinger (Woodward & Bernstein. (1976). The Final Days, p.194).

Others call “The Chairman” a “fraud” and a “Fascist” who refused to bomb the gas chambers of Auschwitz (Oswiecim, Poland), which could have saved some 100,000 Hungarian Jews from being gassed to death as he sent the entire Japanese community in the U.S. inside barbed-wire camps for three years (“The Real McCloy: The Chairman…[book by Kai Bird].” Los Angeles Times, Apr. 19, 1992). Then again, why would he stop the genocide?

The Auschwitz tattoo numbers began as an IBM number, IBM being the International Business Machines formed by the New York-London financiers that built Hitler and Nazi Third Reich war machines, Krupp and I.G. Farben. In collaboration with the Nazi Reich, IBM’s Hollerith machines, a punch card technology, identified and categorized the millions to be slave laborers and gassed (Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust, 2012 Expanded Edition); Zyklon B poison provided by New York-London’s I.G. Farben as the IBM Hollerith managed the body count… the rape of Poland (Ibid. Black) and covert conversion blessed into a NATO launch pad (Part II-III Leave the European Union).

Listed in the Auschwitz Phone Book on page 50 was IBM Hollerith Büro telephone number #4496 (Black, p. 576). IBM the lone ranger it was not. What emerges if Black’s book had a chapter on the financiers and directors of IBM…

“The Chairman” “fraud” or “Fascist” would be Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank (now J.P. Morgan[Rothschild] Chase) chairman, appointed Assistant Secretary of War during World War II after the Morgans, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers et al. had built Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich (Sutton Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler). A war-torn Europe drenched in the blood of 60-80 million human beings was given Bretton Woods which hatched the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Assistant Secretary of War appointed president of the World Bank…the U.S. dollar made the world reserve currency, the global unit of exchange…

From the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade… to Bretton Woods come offerings of the secretly negotiated U.S.-EU Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which opens the door for U.S. multinational corporations to supersede a nation’s laws and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Henry Kissinger lauded “The Chairman” of their Establishment as one “who heard the footsteps of God as he went through history” (“Serving Neither Wisely Nor Too Well.” The Washington Post, Apr 12, 1992) as they recruited Nazi SS Klaus Barbie “Butcher of Lyon” who sent 78,000 French Jews to the gas chambers and Nazi SS General Reinhard Gehlen, responsible for some of the “grisliest mass killings on the Eastern Front” (Ibid. “The Real McCoy”) to be “missionaries for democracy”: CIA-Nazi SS-Vatican covert operations to round up war torn nations in Europe into the European Union and NATO of the New York-London Reich financiers… for “democracy and freedom” cried Hitler’s banker, James Warburg[Rothschild agent] (“Hitler can be stopped only by force greater than his own, J.P. Warburg says.” New York Times [NYT], June 11, 1940). Then on to the “World Movement for Democracy”.

Approaching 70 years ago, the United States dropped the world’s first two atomic bombs on Japan. On Christmas Day in 2011, Japan and its largest trading partner China announced they will begin direct trading of yen and yuan, a $340 billion two-way trade in 2010 to bypass the U.S. dollar (“China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies.” Bloomberg, Dec. 25, 2011; “Breakthrough in Japan-China Relations.” Asia News Monitor [Bangkok] 01 June 2012)… as the United States stands ready to defend Japan with nuclear weapons against China’s aggression.

An unearthly coincidence six days later, on New Year’s Day 2012 a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits Japan’s Izu Islands (U.S. Geological Survey), followed in March by the strongest recorded magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan’s history, setting off a devastating tsunami and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. (J.P. Morgan did bankrupt the brilliant scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla – HAARP, wireless energy origins. PBS Documentary (2000). Tesla: Master of Lightning. YouTube; See also CBC (Canada) News Documentary “Undercurrents” (Jan 16, 1996) Videos Part I & Part II; Documentary “Holes in Heaven: HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology” (1998) YouTube.

– Note Nov 2, 2015. “The Holes in Heaven: HAARP” documentary (200,000+ views) was removed from YouTube recently. Alternative link, If that gets removed, permanent copy here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The U.S.-Japan partnership is “indestructible,” says the White House (“Obama says he shares Japan’s concern over China’s maritime conduct.” Reuters, Apr 28, 2015) as two days later, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe writes a personal “Dear Vladimir” letter explaining why Abe cannot attend Moscow’s Victory Parade on its 70th anniversary defeat of the “so-called” Nazi Third Reich in World War II (“Japan PM explains his plans not to attend Moscow parade in letter to Putin.” TASS [Russian News Agency], April 30, 2015).

Who really dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan?


I.  Hitler’s “Missionaries for Democracy” Descend on Russia

democracy-khodorkovskyPerhaps the above interview in 2007 and some events may unfold differently had the “missionaries of democracy” Jacob Rothschild, Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley and their Russian democracy oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, succeeded in taking the presidency of Russia from Vladimir Putin in 2004 (“Autumn of the Oligarchs?” New York Times, Nov. 5 2003).

Before imprisonment, Khodorkovsky passed his ownership shares in Yukos Oil – Russia’s largest oil producer, world’s 7th largest – to Jacob Rothschild*(“Arrested Oil Tycoon Passed Shares to Banker.” Washington Times, Nov. 2, 2003). Khodorkovsky acquired the $45 billion Yukos Oil for $309 million (less than 1%) auctioned by his own Menatap Bank following the disintegration of the Soviet Union led by the CIA-assisted Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

[Before the 1991 “coup” -turned president, Yeltsin consulted with National Endowment for Democracy’s co-founder Allen Weinstein, whose colleagues include NED board member Henry Kissinger and Grand Chessboard Zbigniew Brzezinski. Carl Gershman, NED president since its inception, explains there is no contact between the NED and Central Intelligence Agency: the NED sends its list of grant recipients to the State Department, which forwards it to the CIA to ensure NED recipients are not receiving CIA funds. (Hersh, Seymour M. “The Wild East.” Atlantic Monthly, Jun 1994; “Missionaries for Democracy…NYT, Jun 1, 1986).]

He [Khodorkovsky] has suffered a lot. I’m sure everyone’s thoughts are with him in this room,” said Jacob Rothschild, gathered for a champagne reception with the Russian oligarchs who fled with Russia’s wealth to London … as a Siberian prison awaited Russia’s richest oligarch Khodorkovsky (“A Guide to the New ‘East-ablishment… London Exposed.” Evening Standard [London], 06 Feb 2004). End-2013, President Putin pardoned Khodorkovsky, who flew to Ukraine to rally coup-Kiev democracy (“Putin foe Khodorkovsky says Russia is lying about Ukraine.” Reuters, Mar. 9, 2014).

Yeltsin’s sudden resignation on December 31,1999 made Prime Minister Vladimir Putin acting president… the bankrupt Yukos Oil nationalized and returned to Russia’s state-owned Rosneft…as history on July 17, 2014 crossed paths over Ukraine with a missile(s) attributed to Russia that exploded 298 passengers on Malaysia Flight MH17…

…and amidst the smoke plumes, the Netherlands court awarded $50 billion to shareholders of the defunct Yukos Oil (“Court orders Russia to pay $50 billion for seizing Yukos assets.” Reuters, July 28, 2014; RT). The Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium and Australian governments investigating Flight MH17 made a ‘secret deal’ to keep secret the findings should it implicate them (“Dutch government refuses to reveal ‘secret deal’ into MH17 crash probe.” (RT [Russia Today], Nov. 14, 2014.)

democracy-browderAs Khodorkovsky controlled Russia’s oil giant, William Browder of Hermitage Capital Management financed by Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citigroup et al., acquired a chunk of Russia’s Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas producer, when foreign ownership of Russian assets was prohibited (“A Breed Apart…” Financial Times, June 6, 2008). Russia seeks to prosecute Browder, who is in London decrying Russia’s lawlessness, ‘Can Russia remain relevant?’ (CNBC, Sept. 13, 2013) and ‘One man’s fight for justice’ on MSNBC with host Mika Brzezinski et al. (MSNBC, Feb. 4, 2015 YouTube). See post, Run Cyprus! Leave the Euro.

[*Reuters in 2014 reports Khodorkovsky passed Yukos Oil to Russian business partner Leonid Nevzlin who fled to Israel. BBC in 2003 reports “Russian tycoon [Khodorkovsky] ‘names successor’” as Jacob Rothschild. Perhaps Reuters might clarify with the democracy financiers to both Khodorkovsky and Browder; it may lead to CIA activities at Browder and Edmond Safra’s Hermitage Capital in acquiring Gazprom. See Run Cyprus!]

Yukos Oil [Rosneft] and Gazprom make up over 50 percent of revenues for the Russia state that helped to rebuild the nation (RT [Russia Today], Jul 30, 2014).

The Wall Street Journal (2011) hails Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny as “The Man Vladimir Putin Fears Most” to bring democracy and human rights to Russia. Navalny, reared at the reputed “nursery for communism” Yale University, says Putin is “sucking the blood out of Russia” (BBC, 2013). Foreign Policy, whose CEO and chief editor David Rothkopf was former managing director of Kissinger Associates, featured in 2011 Alexey Navalny: The End of Putin”, whose writer hailed in 2015 Khodorkovsky “The Man to Take on Putin: Can an exiled oligarch convince Russia that Putin must go?”

Whether Navalny and Khodorkovsky can ‘convince Russia that Putin must go,’ hopes for a democracy spring are four bullets lodged in the back of Russian democracy advocate Boris Nemtsov, former Deputy Prime Minister to President Boris Yeltsin. “Regardless of who actually pulled the trigger”, says “devastated” U.S. Senator John McCain, friend Boris sacrificed for “freedom, human rights” – “in a secure part of the Russian capital” (by the Kremlin, no less) – which “has suffered another devastating blow” in Russia, an “environment of impunity” created by Vladimir Putin (Statement by Senator McCain on Murder of Boris, Feb. 27, 2015).

Boris Nemtsov’s former advisor was National Endowment for Democracy’s Vladimir Kara-Murza, a member Russia’s Solidarnost (“Solidarity”) following a 40-year old freedom recipe from Poland’s Solidarność (“Solidarity”) financed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger and CIA-Nazi SS operations and Vatican to bring down Poland, the Soviet Union and its largest last Ukraine following the end of World War II … Ukraine’s “Solidarity” founded in 2000 by ‘chocolate king’ Petro Poroshenko (“Profile of Ukrainian opposition MP Petro Poroshenko.” BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union, Apr 9, 2004; See Leave the European Union, Parts I and II-III).

In 2004, the Solidarity Orange-flavored ‘chocolate king’ Petro Poroshenko with the National Endowment for Democracy, U.S. State Department-funded billionaire George Soros et al. financed the “Orange Revolution” which brought confidant Viktor Yushchenko to power (“American cash… in Ukraine…” Telegraph Herald, Dec. 11, 2004). In February 2014 following the Euro-Maidan Kyiv [Kiev] coup d’état overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych who had suspended signing the EU Association Agreement on Nov. 21, 2013 in favor of Russia (Reuters), the Orange Solidarity founder became President Petro Poroshenko…

…as part of the $5 billion the U.S. State Department has invested to deliver the largest last of the post-Soviet Ukraine to the European Union (Remarks by Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Dec. 13, 2013,, brought to fruition through covert operations of Adolf Hitler’s New York-London financiers (bankers and industrialists) that built the communist Soviets.

In June 2015, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko ‘chocolate king’ confirmed he would transfer his shares in the Roshen Confectionary Corporation under a trust agreement to Rothschild Investment Company (Sputnik, Bloomberg).

The Hegelian Dialectic

Put forth as the voice for EU-Ukraine was recent Poland Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski. Sikorski studied at Oxford University, where future U.S. President Bill Clinton also studied (“Blue print for the ages.” The Times [London (UK)] 18 Feb 1993). Both Sikorski and Clinton were tutored by Oxford University Professor Zbigniew Pelczynski, whose expertise is the political works of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the father of the Hegelian dialectic.

Terms such as the totalitarian state or global fascism describe the pragmatics of the Hegelian dialectic, funded by the New York-London bankers of Adolf Hitler and Soviet communism, and subversion of the United States. By controlling the power levers of nations, it becomes the nationless state whose objective is “world domination” (YouTube 1983) explained Yuri Bezmenov.

Zbigniew Pelczynski’s collaborator on the Open Society Foundation is billionaire George Soros, whose advisor on his Quantum Fund included Jacob Rothschild’s former advisor (“Lifting the lid of the Soros money machine.” The Independent [London (UK)] 06 Mar 1994; “Nils Taube.” The Times [London (UK)] 12 Mar 2008). Oxford University’s companion would be Yale University (“Did Yale University plan to create intellectually superior race of children…[with Oxford to “save the gene pool”]” Daily Mail [UK] Feb. 13, 2012). (See Box on Yale University).

Pelczynski’s pupil Sikorski was a resident fellow in Washington D.C. at the American Enterprise Institute, which since the 1930s helps Congress interpret its legislation by putting “a nutshell analysis of all legislation on the desks of about 400 Congressman every morning” (“Business Interprets Legislation.” Washington Post, April 14, 1949). The AEI was founded as the private lobby of J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]-controlled, Rockefeller interests Guaranty Trust where Percy Rockefeller was director.

Just as Poland’s Solidarity founder Lech Walesa would “come to see his father” (Bernstein & Politi, p.252), so too would Sikorski be ushered in often to see Pope John Paul II, who collaborated with Zbigniew Brzezinski, CIA-Nazi SS intelligence, Walesa et al. to destabilize Poland and the Soviet Union. Sikorski and the Pope would speak about Sikorski’s education at Oxford, among other things (The Telegraph, Feb. 27, 2005).

Another of Pelczynski’s understudy was Grand Chessboard Zbigniew Brzezinski’s son, doctoral student Mark Brzezinski. Mark Brzezinski (President Obama’s campaign advisor) and older brother Ian Brzezinski were awarded Poland’s highest honor for their work in delivering Poland to NATO (“Mark Brzezinski was US ambassador to Sweden.”, Sept. 9, 2011). On Ukraine, father Brzezinski urged President Obama to provide Ukraine with “handheld anti-tank weaponry, handheld rockets” to purge pro-Russian Ukrainians in the eastern region who reject the Nazi coup d’état in Kiev. (“What Obama Should Tell Americans About Ukraine.” Politico, May 2, 2014; “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists.” Telegraph, Aug. 11, 2014).

The Hegelian dialectic, since Hitler’s New York-London financiers built the Nazi Third Reich in Germany to put in conflict with then-Soviet Union(Russia), has been the build-up of China to put in conflict with Russia. Suppose China and Russia cooperate, surmised Professor Antony C. Sutton (America’s Secret Establishment first published in 1983). Military and civilian deaths from World War II (in photos) are estimated to be 60-80 million human lives lost, with half borne by the Soviet Union (nearly 27 million people) and China (20 million) fighting Hitler. Sutton’s lectures and interviews can be found on YouTube.


IMF’s Four Steps to Damnation”

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) “country assistance plan” to take Ukraine to democracy follows the “devised in secrecy” marked “restricted” and “confidential” recipe published in The Guardian (website),IMF’s [and World Bank] Four Steps to Damnation” (Gregory Palast, 29 April 2001). The steps are explained by Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz, former World Bank Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, who was fired for suggesting change in the policies that have been destroying developing countries.

In defense of the IMF and World Bank, IMF Economic Counsellor and Director of Research Kenneth Rogoff published “An Open Letter” rebuking Joseph Stiglitz (IMF website , July 2, 2002). Rogoff writes,

“Dear Joe [Stiglitz]: … .Your ideas [for improving macroeconomic policy] are at best highly controversial, at worst, snake oil.”

..and numerous other insights, including why would nations print their own currency to pay debt…(presumably, when they can go into debt borrowing the IMF SDR “paper tiger” backed by a basket case of indebted nations churning out ¥, €, $ paper tigers to pay debt and the secret ‘Four Steps to Damnation’.)… and Paul Volcker, “arguably the greatest Federal Reserve Chairman of the twentieth century.”

[After leaving the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker became chairman of J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Co, the prominent New York investment bank formed in 1992 (“Other 13.” Washington Post, Mar. 3, 1992). James Wolfensohn would head the World Bank in 1995. Wolfenson was former president of J. Henry Schroders Bank in London and on boards of the Population Council, Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation (NYT), the latter two under congressional investigation in the 1950s for funding the subversion of the United States. (See posts Ideological Subversion, Leave the European Union, Part I and II-IIII.) Paul Volcker was vice president and director of planning at Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank, now J.P. Morgan Chase.

democracy-bricsBorn in 1928 “James” Wolfensohn was named after his father’s employer, James Armand de Rothschild, when Adolf Hitler gave the Rothschilds, J. Henry Schroder Bank, Rockefellers, Warburgs et al. a face to finance (bankroll) what the world would see as the Nazi Third Reich and World War II, and the deaths of 60-80 million people. (“The Man [Wolfensohn] Who Inherited the Rothschild Legend.” The Australian, Oct. 30, 2010).

In 1996 former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker was asked to hunt down what money still hidden in the Swiss bank vaults belonged to holocaust survivors as many had already been gassed or worked to death at the Auschwitz concentration camp (“Volcker to lead holocaust cash hunt.” Financial Times, 30 July 1996).

Volcker’s colleague, Dr. Hermann Josef Abs of Deutsche Bank, had financed the construction of the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Nazi Aryanization program which forced the sale of Jewish companies at vastly undervalued prices (U.S. Department of Justice, The Office of Special Investigations[OSI]: Striving for Accountability in the Aftermath of the Holocaust (2006), online at George Washington University National Security Archive, p. 302-303**, Full Un-redacted Report here p. 1-388, p. 389-607).

Identifying Jewish possessions for the Aryanization program would be the task of International Business Machines (Dehomag its German subsidiary) in collaboration with the Nazi Reich, in addition to identifying millions for slave labor, experimentation, gassed or baked (Black IBM and the Holocaust).

**These pages are part of the OSI report part “4” pdf link that was removed from the post, “Part II-III Leave the European Union, Euro…” at some point during repeated attacks on the website and the post encrypted, blocking further writing. Please send an e-mail if links to documents, websites etc. are no longer valid.

Hermann Abs, at the helm of Deutsche Bank, financed Germany’s industrial expansion under the Nazi Third Reich (Bower, Tom. (1981). Blind Eye to Murder. Publisher Andre Deutsch; “Nazi Revelation.” Evening Standard[London (UK)], April 12, 2000).

In these OSI pages, David Rockefeller’s “most important banker of our times” Dr. Hermann J. Abs was convicted in absentia of war crimes by the Yugoslav court. Dr. Hermann Abs was put on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Watch List and banned from entering the United States (Ibid., OSI). As Rockefellers, CIA-Nazi SS et al. conducted covert operations to round up Europe into the European Union, Dr. Hermann Abs would lead colleagues Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Paul Volcker et al. in creating the euro common currency and advise the World Bank in helping poor countries, among other things. Jonathan Rothschild is a senior advisor to the World Bank Executive Directors (“New Funding to Help Poor Countries Manage Debt.” World Bank, Apr 3, 2014).

The origin of the idea for the World Bank came from Adolf Hitler’s Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht. Schacht conceived of the idea for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and gave General Electric Chairman Owen D. Young, an agent of J.P. Morgan[Rothschild], the idea for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the World Bank (Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, p. 26).

The Bank for International Settlements with the Bank of England during World War II would serve as a conduit for the Nazis and their New York-London bankers to transmit funds for war, revealed documents declassified nearly 75 years later in 2013 (“Bank of England helped the Nazis to sell plundered gold.” The Telegraph, July 30, 2013 web). Gates W. McGarrah, chairman of Rockefellers’ Chase National Bank would become chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1928 and three years later become the first president of the Bank for International Settlements (“McGarrah In New Post…” NYT, May 3, 1927; “G.W. McGarrah: NY Banker Dies.”WSJ, Nov. 6, 1940)… as Rockefellers not only financed but collaborated with the Nazi Reich.

About a decade earlier under Young, General Electric funneled money to Adolf Hitler’s National Treuhand (National Trusteeship) run by Hjalmar Schacht and Rudolph Hess, as by then, the Nazi Reich war machines put in place by the New York-London bankers needed a face (Nuremburg Documents in Sutton; Leave the European Union Part I  & Part II-IIII). During this time, J.P. Morgan’s son, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Henry Sturgis Morgan (1900-1982), was a director of General Electric as father Morgan financed the Nazi Third Reich. As the Reich investments unleashed war, Henry Sturgis, future brother-in-law of U.S. Senator John S. McCain, would be repositioned with his brother in the intelligence services of the Office of Strategic Services [CIA]. (“Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack.” Mother Jones, Apr 23, 2015).

General Electric et al. sent funds to Schacht, who deposited the funds in the Bank of Delbrück Schickler & Co (account details, Ibid. Sutton), where Dr. Hermann J. Abs was a partner before heading Deutsche Bank to finance the Auschwitz death camp and Nazi industrial expansion and director of the Nazi I.G. Farben cartel.

From financing death camps to creating the common euro currency union with Hitler’s New York-London bankers, in 1982 the Vatican under Pope John Paul II appointed Dr. Hermann J. Abs to serve on the advisory board of the Vatican bank. Both the Vatican and Dr. Hermann J. Abs denied knowledge of Abs’ activities in Germany. (“Jews Hit Vatican appointment.” Chicago Tribune, Dec 30, 1982; “[Deutsche] Bank is Tackled on Role in Holocaust.” Financial Times [London (UK)] 06 Feb 1999.) ]

Following the “IMF’s Four Steps to Damnation”, Ukraine looks to be at “Step-Three-and-a-Half” what Stiglitz calls “the IMF riot”. This occurs when the IMF “squeezes the last drop of blood” out of a nation, such as eliminating food and fuel subsidies for the poor… amidst Ukraine’s 7.5% GDP contraction, collapsing hryvnia currency with it panic and ensuing shortages in supermarkets and pharmacies (Sputnik News), the IMF rescues with a 280% increase in gas prices and 60% increase in heating costs et al. for Ukrainians (RT; Ukrainian website on IMF conditions).

The Fourth Step to “Damnation” is “free markets”, and freedom and democracy.

Fascist Premier Benito Mussolini, a former British MI5 agent, back in the 1930s used the term “fascist cooperation” what is called “free markets” in the United States: “[Fascist] dictatorships are inevitable.” (“Mussolini Sees World Driven Toward Fascism.” NYT, June 3, 1933; See post, Ideological Subversion).

A month later, “Hands were raised in Fascist salutes and many voices in chorus shouted the battle cry of the Fascist legions” in “Rockefeller City” New York City at the groundbreaking of Mussolini and Rockefeller’s joint venture (NYT, Jul 13, 1933), as the New York-London bankers built up Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich. At least someone understands free markets.

Nearly a century later since the build-up of the Nazi Reich and its fruits — the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency now insolvent with its subverted European Union — out of Eurasia come China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the BRICS New Development Bank (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Out of Damnation, Greece

Having arrived at “Damnation”, bankrupted Greece is the ‘most unhelpful client ever’, says the IMF (“IMF Considers Greece its Most Unhelpful Client Ever.” Bloomberg, Mar. 18, 2015).

Perhaps Goldman Sachs, which apparently runs the IMF and European Central Bank (Mario Draghi, G.Sachs managing director), has been more helpful: “Goldman Sachs helped the Greek government to mask the true extent of its deficit with the help of a derivatives deal that legally circumvented the EU Maastricht deficit rules. At some point the so-called cross currency swaps will mature, and swell the country’s already bloated deficit.” (“What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe.” The Independent [UK], 18 Nov 2011; “Greek Debt Crisis: How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt.” Spiegel, Feb. 2, 2010).

[One recalls the “European debt crisis” when Goldman Sachs et al. sold credit default swaps (“insurance on default risk”) as their rating agencies issued debt downgrades (“triggers default”). Before the “crisis”, in Ireland was G.Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland; in Italy, G.Sachs Mario Draghi, director of Italy’s Treasury, then G.Sachs PM Mario Monti; former G.Sachs Petros Christodoulou managed Greek debt that Goldman Sachs et al. helped Italy, Greece et al. to hide debt through derivatives (Ibid. “What price the new democracy?) to “sneak” into the common euro currency union.

 “Sneaking” western Europe and post-Soviet states into the European Union (recall the “exclusive” aura of the Madoff club) followed decades of CIA-Nazi SS covert operations following World War II to form the European Union. Perhaps it can be said there is less “sneaking” the politically stable civil war of bankrupt Ukraine to its prompt coup-conversion to an EU state and pending NATO launch pad. Perhaps also ECB president Mario Draghi, former director of Italy’s Treasury (1991-2001), was not aware of Italy’s debt and derivatives.

The proposed solution to the “crisis”: the common Euro Bond, attempted decades earlier by Hermann Abs, Rothschild et al. who formed the common euro currency union (“EU Pushes Scenarios for Euro Bond.” WSF, Nov. 21, 2011; Part II-III Leave the European Union). With Euro Bonds, says Rothchilds’ George Soros, the eurozone crisis would “vanish into thin air” (“Eurobond ‘could solve crisis’.” The Times [London (UK)], 10 Apr 2013; “Soros Tells Germany Accept Eurobonds or Quit Euro.” Telegraph, Apr 9, 2013).

With a common Euro Bond out of sight, on-going are the classified, secret negotiations of the TTIP and TPP to bond the subverted Trans-Atlantic union. What few details known suggest a supranational asset stripping of peoples and nations (“European Parliament Finally Wakes Up to Toxic TTIP Stitch-Up.” Sputnik, June 29, 2015). But perhaps that is just one aspect of the TTIP and TPP… The back-up plan sounds reminiscent of

 “Time is Running Short” to Arm Against the “Soviet [Russian] Threat” to “Democracy and Freedom”, the remix (Section II of Part II-III Leave the European Union).

But before conquering Europe, Goldman Sachs first led in financing one of the backbones of the Nazi war machine, Krupp, that would invade Europe (“Offer $10,000,000 Krupp Notes Here.” NYT, Dec. 28, 1924; “Display Ad”[Goldman Bond Offering]). Upon the destruction of Europe, the Reich financiers formed the IMF and World Bank to extend loans for rebuilding Europe into the European Union, brought to fruition by CIA-Nazi SS covert operations.

Greece on Damnation

“Greece is at a difficult point, and to overcome it, it needs to ‘divorce’ the illnesses of the past,” Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told reporters (“Greece Joins New Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe.” BRICS Post, June 19, 2015).

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke further at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum:

“.The world’s economic center of gravity, however, has shifted.

.For the old financial center, particularly for Europe and the Western world, the challenge will be whether it chooses to react positively to new challenges by building bridges of cooperation with the emerging world, or whether it will remain committed to old doctrines, raising new walls of geopolitical conflicts.

.[W]e are currently in the middle of a storm. But we [Greeks] are a seafaring people, well-versed in weathering storms and unafraid of sailing in large seas, in new seas, in order to reach new and more secure ports.

.Let us not fool ourselves: the so-called Greek problem is not a Greek problem. It is a European problem. The problem is not Greece. The problem is the Eurozone, and its very structure.”

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s statement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), June 19, 2015. Official transcript (copy) at website of the Prime Minister of Greece. (YouTube)

On June 26, 2015, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras called for a referendum on the IMF austerity bailout conditions, which have collapsed Greek GDP by about 25 percent in the last five years to pay the banks (“Tsipras Calls Referendum on Greek Debt Deal for July 5.” Bloomberg, Jun 26, 2015”; “Greek Parliament Authorizes Referendum on Bailout Program.” Sputnik, June 28, 2015; “Greek Bailout Deal a Farce to Benefit Banks at the Expense of Greece.” Forbes, Feb 21, 2012).

The European Central Bank had forced the previous Greek parliament to vote on an 800-page memorandum within 24 hours of receiving it or the ECB would terminate funding. In the tradition of IMF “country assistance strategy”, the IMF knew in 2010 from its internal report that the conditions for the loans to Greece would crush the Greek people and collapse their economy. (“A Humanitarian Tragedy Imposed on Greece.” BRICS Post, Jun 20, 2015).

Greg Palast of the “IMF’s Four Steps to Damnation” also has a document marked “RESTRICTED DISTRIBUTION” on Greece, from which the conclusion was: “Greece is a crime scene.” (“Lazy Ouzo-Swilling, Olive-Pit Spitting Greeks. Or, How Goldman Sacked Greece.” Greg Palast, Nov. 11, 2011.)

On June 28, 2015 U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, former COO at Citigroup, urged Prime Minister Tsipras to seek a debt deal that will put “Greece on a path toward reform and recovery within the Eurozone.” (Sputnik, “Treasury’s Lew Urges Officials To Keep Seeking Greece Deal.” WSJ).

[Should Greece reject damnation, the ECB and IMF have the bankrupted Ukraine to further collapse and convert to a NATO launch pad, minus Crimea. In keeping with a 75-year tradition, Ukraine’s gold reserves were taken to the Federal Reserve during the midnight hours of the Kiev coup d’état.]

In rounding up war torn Europe into the European Union, the Nazis et al. believed  that in 50 years’ time, Europeans will forget notions of national sovereignty and cultural identity (“Polish Black Book Lists Nazi Crimes:…Nazis Aim to Wipe Out All Culture.” NYT, Sept 5, 1942.). In 1992 Strobe Talbott, former President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State and member of the Council on Foreign Relations created by Hitler’s New York-London financiers, wrote in Time Magazine:

Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority” (“America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation.” Time, Jul 20, 1992; See also The European Union EU “Dream” Wasn’t Even European).

[In 2011, the Vatican, which had collaborated with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger, the Central Intelligence Agency-Nazi SS et al. operations to round-up post-Soviet states into the European Union, called for the establishment of a global “supranational authority” with “universal jurisdiction” above nations (“Vatican Calls for Global Authority on Economy, Raps ‘Idolatry of the Market’”. Reuters, Oct 24, 2011; “Vatican Calls for Oversight of the World’s Finances.” NYT, Oct 24, 2011).]

Some 50 years to the fruition of the European Union and euro currency, the question is whether the people of countries in the European Union remember what it was like to be a sovereign nation and have the courage to be a sovereign nation again. (“Greece to Close Banks, Impose Capital Controls Amid Looming Default.” NPR, June 28, 2015).

(“What Stinks about Varoufakis and the Whole Greek Mess?New Eastern Outlook, Jul 3, 2015; “A Soros «Trojan Horse» inside the New Greek Government?Strategic Culture Foundation, Jan 29, 2015.)


At the end of World War II in 1945, U.S. military commanders testified before Senator Kilgore’s Senate Committee on war mobilization: “I.G. Farbenindustrie [international cartel Nazi war machine]…was indivisible from the Nazi Government…. .from the American corporations with which it was linked… .I.G. Farben’s influence was so great… .it often guided the Nazi government’s plans for world conquest.” (“I.G. Farben Linked to U.S. Companies.” NYT, Dec. 11, 1945).

A few years later, James Warburg (agent of the Rothschilds, and Warburgs, Rockefellers et al. who financed Adolf Hitler and the I.G. Farben and Krupp Nazi war machines) testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations: “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” (U.S. Senate Hearings on Revision of the United Nations Charter, 81st Congress, Feb. 17, 1950. pp. 494-508).

Perhaps even Senator Kilgore could not imagine that the new face of Adolf Hitler’s New York-London bankers would be called the “Missionaries for Democracy” and the “World Movement for Democracy”. (Leave the European Union, Part I and II-IIII).

Encryptus Interruptus. It seems some were so anxious to not read Leave the European Union, Part I and Part II-IIII that posting was repeatedly blocked and then the server files became encrypted (What it looks like); select references removed, such as the OSI section noted earlier. It also appears not too difficult to bypass Microsoft’s Ring 0 Kernel, the PC operating system’s line of defense as viruses, worms, Trojans etc. install undetected. Then select files are corrupted.

Dearest encrypters and kernel klingons, this is Economics Voodoo, not the New York Times, the Washington Post, Foreign Affairs or Yale, Princeton, Harvard et al. economics. Was there nothing worth suppressing there?


II.  The Secret Democracy and Freedom Recipe: “Heil mein Fuhrer!”

It was only in 1991 that construction workers digging in New York’s Lower Manhattan unearthed a burial ground of African slaves dating back to the mid-1600s: New York had more African slaves than any port north of the Caribbean, second only to Charleston, South Carolina. New York was a slave port, the New York Stock market founded upon the African slave trade with Wall Street investment an extension of the slave trade.

Beneath the pavements along Wall Street and Rothschilds’ subways of New York (Los Angeles Times, 26 May 1905) are the graves of 20,000 African slaves, Rothschilds and J.P. Morgans key financiers of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. (“Legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.” Hearings before Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties; Committee on the Judiciary (HRG-2007-HJH-0059). December 18, 2007, p. 228; “The African foundations of New York.” BBC, April 26, 2004).

democracy-sankofaThe slaves came from West Africa – Ghana, Ashanti, Benin, and Congo – countries neighboring the Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Under along Wall Street was slave #101, his coffin lid carved with a heart-shaped symbol. It was a version of an African sankofa, which symbolizes a connection of past and present (“Return to the African Burial Ground”. Archaeology, Nov. 20, 2003 – Interview with Professor Michael Blakely).

Two decades after African slaves were unearthed under New York, several boxes of papers in the London archives concealed for 170 years the individuals and entities who financed the African slave trade… then moved on to enslave Europeans and its children (“Child Slaves Laid Use to I.G. Farben.Los Angeles Times, Nov. 5, 1947) to build the war machines of New York-London’s Nazi Third Reich, bringing war upon Europe (Leave the EuropeanPart I). Rockefellers-Rothschilds’ Missionary for Democracy leader Henry Kissinger has not forsaken the African continent (National Security Study Memorandum, 1974).

Why does the board of governors of London’s £16.6 billion Wellcome Trust, the world’s second largest nonprofit charity ( “philanthropist”, “foundation”) that held the only approved drug treatment for HIV/AIDS, resemble a gathering place for the New York-London financiers of the African slave trade and of the Nazi Third Reich, British intelligence MI5, and co-founder of the European Union and NATO?

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines… reproductive health services, we lower that [population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,”said Bill of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s $10 billion gift to the “Decade of Vaccines” to develop vaccines for the world’s poorest countries (TED2010 annual conference, Long Beach, CA, Feb. 18, 2010), an alliance with the World Bank (copy), GAVI, WHO… Rockefeller, colleague of Gates Sr., stated in a Senate hearing: “No problem is more urgently important to the well-being of mankind than the limitation of population growth.” (“John Rockefeller III killed….” Chicago Tribune, July 11, 1978) That was when the world population was about 3 billion.

democracy-gavi“And if we don’t stop bringing all these babies into the world there soon won’t be even enough room for us to stand up in,” said a partner at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (“More Executives….” NYT, Feb. 25, 1971) and fellow New York-London financiers of the Nazi Reich (“123 Leaders Back Birth Control Aid.” NYT, Feb. 9, 1938).

As earth becomes claustrophobic for the 85 people whose financial worth is that of 3.5 billion people, Warren Buffet is also working on population control projects (“All ears for the Omaha oracle.” Independent[UK], Feb. 19, 1995), such as, along with George Soros funding the Population Council (CRS Report for Congress (Feb. 23, 2001). FDA Approval for RU-486, p. 10; “Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation.” Sunday Times [London] 24 May 2009].

Because Rockefeller Foundation-shaped, Gates-funded-GAVI-allied-W.H.O. et al. in the world would sponsor a tetanus vaccine (paper)1 to contain a hormone that inhibits fertility2 and forces the body to expel the unborn, targeted at unsuspecting women of child-bearing age in developing countries3? (1“Screening for Autoantibodies in Human Subjects Immunized with Pr-B-HCG-TT.” Contraception, Feb. 1976. Vol.13, No.2.;  2 “Indian Scientist[Talwar] Unveils Birth Control Vaccine.” India–West. 06 June 1986. Presented May 27, American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science; “Genetic Engineering Technique [Talwar].”San Francisco Chronicle, May 28, 1986; “Birth control vaccine…[Talwar, funded by Rockefeller Foundation].” The Vancouver Sun [Vancouver, B.C] 03 June 1992: A3;  3 “One on One with Dr. Stephen K. Karanja, On Why the Government Should Come Clean on the Tetanus Vaccination Campaign.” AllAfrica, 11 Nov 2014; “Bad Blood in the Philippines.” Population Research Institute, Nov. 1, 1996; BBC Documentary “The Human Laboratory.” Aired Nov. 5, 1995. Transcript).

The World Health Organization’s authors denounce the rumors: “The vaccines do not contain contraceptive vaccines or any other substance which interferes with fertility or pregnancy…” (Milstien, Griffin & J-W Lee. “Damage to Immunisation Programmes from Misinformation on Contraceptive Vaccines.” Reproductive Health Matters, No. 6, Nov. 1995). On November 13, 2014, WHO and Unicef issued a joint statement (copy) denouncing allegations against its Tetanus Program in Kenya.

Since Wellcome to AIDS (in 2015 a $24 billion a year virus in the U.S. alone), London’s Wellcome Trust et al. and the U.S. Center for Disease Control with its patent (copy) for ‘inventing’ an Ebola virus (2008) have raced to develop Ebola vaccines to save Africa… and perhaps “flying syringes” using mosquitoes to “bite” those disfavoring the sting of Trojan needles (Press Release, 2008: Gates Foundation Invests in 104 Novel Ideas for Global Health).

[A note on the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Ebola patent. Though the CDC ‘discovered’ ‘invented’ isolated the EcoBun Ebola strain in Uganda, the CDC patent makes claims on all other Ebola strains that match 70% or more of the nucleotide sequence (subunit of RNA, DNA) of the EcoBun strain (CDC claims, CDC description). Such a patent gives the CDC and its partners a monopoly on royalties from Ebola vaccines.

In October 2014, the World Health Organization convened a high-level emergency meeting with the pharmaceutical companies – along with the U.S. Center for Disease Control, Wellcome Trust and its GlaxoSmithKline, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI alliance, World Bank, Merck Vaccines, U.S. FDA et al. – to accelerate the production of vaccines for Ebola. They concluded, money should not stand in the way of saving Africa. (“Millions of Ebola Vaccine Doses Promised by Early 2015.” Environment News Service [Lincoln City] 26 Oct 2014.)

Persons infected with Ebola flown back to the U.S. carry valuable intellectual property assets for research, among other things (More on NaturalNews). The Nuremberg Code established principles for human medical experiments, including voluntary participation by subjects, at least when the Nazi reign ended.]

[In the spirit of the African sankofa, if the descendants of slave traders and Reich financiers return bearing gifts of democracy and needles, defend yourselves. Send them away for the sake of your peoples.]


“As the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air” from Radio Free Europe-Free Asia-to Free Middle East, “democracy and freedom” fill the airwaves with smoke plumes, U.S. military men “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy, says National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, (Woodward & Bernstein. (1976). The Final Days, p.194).

“Anything that flies, on anything that moves. You got that?” Kissinger orders secret bombings of Cambodia that exceeded all the allied bombs dropped during World War II (“Bombs over Cambodia.” Bombing_OCT06.pdf).

Anguished, grief-stricken Cambodians would run into the arms of Brzezinski’s (behind China, Thailand) and the U.S.-supported communist Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, stirring the bloodbath (“In the Dock With Pol Pot: Uncle Sam.” Los Angeles Times, June 4, 1997) as Kissinger sent bombs and Monsanto and Dow Chemical’s Agent Orange raining down on Viet Nam to save the country from communism… as the CIA conducted a massive, illegal surveillance operation against protestors opposed to the U.S. war in Viet Nam… (“Huge C.I.A. Operation Reported in U.S. Against Antiwar Forces, Other Dissidents in Nixon Years.” NYT, Dec. 21, 1974).

“A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,” said National Endowment for Democracy co-founder Allen Weinstein,(“Innocence Abroad: The New World of Spyless Coups.” Washington Post, Sept. 22, 1991) with colleague Henry Kissinger on the NED board of directors at its inception.

Perhaps it was a few decades earlier than that, to the Wall Street origins of what became the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. National Security Agency.

At WWII-end in 1945, military intelligence officer Henry Kissinger recruited Nazi intelligence officers for anti-Soviet operations inside the Soviet bloc (Hersh, Seymour. “The Price of Power.” The Atlantic, Dec. 1, 1982; Nobel Prize Organization, Kissinger Bio.). Kissinger worked under Allen Dulles, who headed the U.S. Office of Strategic Services and its successor Central Intelligence Agency. Allen Dulles was part of the J.P. Morgan nexus, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs et al. (Carroll Quigley’s (1966) Tragedy and Hope, p.938) that built up Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich. It is interesting to note Henry Kissinger’s name does not appear in the index of Quigley’s book of 1,348 possibly sanitized pages.

Wall Street Reich Origins of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) & National Security Agency (NSA)-British GCHQ “Five Eyes” Global Surveillance

The Wall Street Reich origins of the OSS[CIA] and its directors – the British’s “our man” William Donovan, and Allen Dulles – came out of a group of three dozen bankers, businessmen, and corporate lawyers4 who financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich5. During the late 1930s the group met secretly in an unmarked apartment “the room” on East Sixty-Second Street (NY) to share intelligence as their investment in Hitler and the Nazi war machines unleashed war across Europe. (4Kinzer, Stephen. 2013. The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles…, p. 60; 5Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler; Leave the European Union Part I and Part II-III).

In June 2010, the NSA and British spying organization GCHQ declassified the “UKUSA Agreement Release 1940-1956”, revealing a secret UKUSA intelligence sharing pact with the British before the U.S. entered World War II (“Document that formalised ‘special relationship’ with the US.” The Telegraph, 24 Jun 2010; “Not so secret: deal at the heart of UK-US intelligence”. The Guardian, 25 Jun 2010). Three years later, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, a computer specialist with high security clearance at the world’s largest intelligence agency, would expose classified information on the true nature of the “Five Eyes” domestic and worldwide surveillance that has been on the hunt for him. (Documents;

After over 70 years, what emerges when these NSA declassified documents are integrated with events surrounding World War II and Adolf Hitler who gave the New York-London bankers a face to finance the Nazi Third Reich?

From “the room” the British’s “our man” William Donovan with Allen Dulles led the Office of Strategic Services (CIA pre-cursor) created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 when the United States officially entered World War II. For 14 years before 1941, OSS-CIA Allen Dulles of Sullivan & Cromwell and Schroder Rockefeller worked with the elites of German industrialists who financed and actively supported the Nazi dictatorship to build I.G. Farben and Vereinigte Stahlwerke (United Steelworks), the Fritz Thyssen steel trust (“Allen W. Dulles, C.I.A. Director from 1953 to 1961.” NYT, Jan. 30, 1969; Kinzer, p. 51; Smith, p. 206).

With Germany reeling from hyperinflation and facing heavy reparations from World War I, the Federal Reserve bankers’ 1924 Dawes Plan arranged foreign loans, $800 million raised mostly in the U.S. to create and consolidate the giant chemical and steel combinations of I.G. Farben and Vereinigte Stahlwerke, respectively (Sutton, Hitler p. 24) and Krupp (“Reveal German Rearming Began Secretly in ’20.” Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1946).

Built with loans from the Federal Reserve and London bankers et al., the cartels Vereinigte Stahlwerke, and Krupp and I.G. Farben would form the backbones of the Nazi war machine and ruthless users of slave laborers (“Farben & Krupp Trusts Formed Backbone of Nazi…” Washington Post, July 29, 1948; “Nazi Capitalists Face U.S. Charges.” NYT,  Feb. 2, 1947; “Display Ad 23 Goldman Sachs float bond for Krupp.” NYT, Dec. 29, 1924). These cartels not only helped put Hitler in power in 1933 but produced the bulk of the war machine during World War II (Sutton Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, p. 24).

“[I.G.] Farben was [also] a Nazi agency for world-wide military and economic espionage,” according to testimony before Senator Kilgore’s Committee on War Mobilization, drawn from 2,200 tons of I.G. Farben documents found at the end of World War II (Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 7, p. 947). Combined with the NSA declassified documents in 2010 and Snowden’s revelations, the New York Federal Reserve and London bankers et al., including OSS-CIA Director Allen Dulles and the heads of the U.S. War Department that had built the Nazi I.G. Farben cartel, would establish what became the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency (NSA)-British GCHQ worldwide espionage network.

[The NSA notes that if it were judged as a corporation, the NSA would rank in the top ten percent of Fortune 500 companies (NSA, Retrieved Apr 2015) and from Edward Snowden’s revelations, the subject of headlines for industrial espionage: “Germany fears NSA stole industrial secrets” (DW, Mar 7, 2013); “Snooping Fears: German Firms Race to Shield Secrets” (Spiegel, Jul 13, 2013); “NSA Spying: the United States interested in Wanadoo and Alcatel-Lucent” (Le Monde [French], [English] Oct 21, 2013).]

World War I to World War II: “How do we involve the United States in a war?” was found in the 1908 archives of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace during the 1950s congressional investigation into the tax-exempt Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations et al. for subversion of the United States. J.P. Morgan[Rothschild] interests with Winston Churchill and President Wilson would succeed in drawing the United States into war with Germany with the deliberate sinking of the Lusitania (Ibid. Sutton, p. 175). A telegram warned one of their own, Alfred G. Vanderbilt, not to sail on the Lusitania but it never reached him. Vanderbilt went down with the ship (Sutton Establishment, p. 133).

[Sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment, the American Historical Association’s five-year Investigation of the Social Studies in Schools (1934) outlined the aims for the U.S. educational system to produce a dumbed-down, obedient population: “The future of the U.S. belongs to collectivism administered with characteristic American efficiency.” The subversion had succeeded by the 1960s according to subversion expert, Yuri Bezmenov.]

During WWI, the Carnegie trustees dispatched a telegram cautioning President Woodrow Wilson to not end the war too quickly (Norman Dodd, 1982 Interview YouTube). U.S. Major General Smedley Butler found that Carnegie-J.P. Morgan’s U.S. Steel reaped the highest war profits from WWI. (See Norman Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations May 10, 1954); Butler’s War is a Racket (1935), an online copy and “[Cordell] Hull Pays Honor to Carnegie for Promoting World Peace.” Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 25, 1935).

At the head of the Carnegie Trust was Wall Street’s Elihu Root (“Elihu Root Heads Institute: Chairman of Carnegie Trust.” Washington Post, Dec. 13, 1913), who had come from being President Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of War. Elihu Root would groom his protege who would become President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of War for World War II…

But World War II was more elaborate. The Nazi Reich war machines were put in place. A face for the Nazi Third Reich. The list to be slave laborers, or experimented upon, baked and gassed provided.The poison gas provided…

The follow-up 1928 Young Plan – “largely a J.P. Morgan production” (Quigley, p.308) formulated by GE Chairman Owen D. Young – was a “device to occupy Germany with American capital” in return for Germany’s real assets (Sutton’s Hitler, p. 25) and crush Germany with monetary reparations payments. According to Hitler’s Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht and Nazi industrialist Dr. Fritz Thyssen recorded in a U.S. Government Intelligence Report, the [J.P. Morgan-Rothschild] Young Plan brought Hitler to power in 1933:

 “The acceptance of the Young Plan increased unemployment… and increased unemployment more and more, until about one million were unemployed. People were desperate. Hitler said he would do away with unemployment.” (Ibid. p. 26)

 … as in 1933 J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]’s General Electric under chairman Owen Young funneled money to Adolf Hitler’s “Nationale Treuhand” (National Trusteeship), administered by Rudolph Hess and Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht as Hitler rose to power. The Roosevelt family was one of the largest stockholders in J.P. Morgan [Rothschild]’s General Electric Co. (Ibid. Sutton Hitler, p. 49-66 Nuremburg Military Tribunal documents; See Preview Part II Ideological Subversion.)

In 1934, I.G. Farben began to mobilize for war (Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 8, p.1093). With the coming bloodbath, in 1936 Morgan[Rothschild] agent Owen Young assumed chairmanship of the American Red Cross (“O.D. Young Heads Red Cross Roll.” WSJ, Oct. 13, 1936). As the Nazis plundered Yugoslavia, James Warburg, OSS[CIA] Director-Colonel William Donovan et al. appeal for donations to the American Red Cross to aid Yugoslavia to “encourage a brave people as they meet the shock of Nazi arms.” (“Aid for Yugoslavs is Sought in U.S.” NYT, Apr 11, 1941; Part II-III Leave the European Union).

Whatever happened to such donations though, 75 years later, the American Red Cross apologizes it turned a blind eye to atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II (“Red Cross ‘Lost Moral Compass’ in War…” Reuters, Apr 28, 2015). E.R. Harriman, chairman of Union Banking Corporation created as a conduit for Nazi funds, was chairman of the American Red Cross along with Rockefeller et al. (“Miracles Traced to Blood Program.” NYT, Oct. 29, 1954) who took control of the Red Cross some five decades earlier.

It goes back to 1917 when President Woodrow Wilson with Wall Street sent Leon Trotsky to “carry forward” the communist revolution in Russia (Leave the European Union Part II-III). In 1917, the American Red Cross mission to Russia comprised of 24 having military rank, 16 Wall Street bankers and lawyers, and 5 doctors (Sutton Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, p. 71-88).

Other than accounting irregularities, in 2012 guring [Hurricane] Isaac, Red Cross supervisors ordered dozens of aid trucks to be driven around nearly empty “just to be seen” “…to serve as backdrops for press conferences.” ( Investigations: “The Red Cross Secret Disaster.” Oct. 29, 2014; “Red Cross’ Latest Claim Includes ‘Donations of Blood’.” Dec. 4, 2014).

With the assistance of Goldman Sachs on its board, the American Red Cross maintains interest rate swaps of $118 million in aggregate notional principal value (2013 ARC Annual Report, p.13, In 2006, the American Red Cross remitted $19.8 million to the State of Israel with additional $24.6 million over time.

Italy’s Premier Benito Mussolini began his career as a recruit of the British Intelligence MI5, later becoming fascist dictator of Italy and allied with Adolf Hitler, forming the so-called “Axis of Evil” during World War II (“Recruited by MI5: The Name’s Mussolini. Benito Mussolini.” The Guardian, Oct. 13, 2009).

Germany’s Adolf Hitler, the face of the “Axis of Evil”, and the I.G. Farben and Krupp Nazi war machines built by the New York-London bankers, including OSS-CIA Director Allen Dulles as the “Axis of Evil” unleashed World War II upon Europe… for “democracy and freedom” cried Hitler’s banker, James Warburg (Ibid. “… J.P. Warburg says.” NYT, Jun 11, 1940; Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).

Lord Victor Rothschild headed the British intelligence MI5 Counter Sabotage during World II (“Rothschild as the Fifth Man [for the Soviets].” The Independent [UK], Oct. 23, 1994; “Obituary of Kenneth Self Bank of England official who in wartime served MI5…” The Daily Telegraph [London (UK)] 11 June 1998).

British MI5 agent Victor Rothschild declared in 1986 “… I am not, and never have been, a Soviet agent.” Democracy missionary Jacob Rothschild, the son of Victor Rothschild, would put forth Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky to oppose Vladimir Putin in Russia’s 2004 presidential election.

At the end of World War II in 1945, U.S. government officials testified before Senator Kilgore’s Senate Committee on War Mobilization:

“…when the Nazis came to power in 1933 they found that long strides had been made since 1918 in preparing Germany for war from an economic and industrial point of view. (p. 154)…

.The United States accidentally played an important role in the technical arming of Germany” (p. 174).

United States Congress. Senate Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Military Affairs. Elimination of German Resources for War. Report pursuant to S. Res. 107 and 146, July 2, 1945, Part 3, 78th Congress and 79th Congress. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1945. Full Testimony Part 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Confiscated records at the end of World War II showed the secret rearmament of the supposedly bankrupt Weimar Germany began in the 1920s (“Reveal German Rearming Began Secretly in ’20.” Chicago Daily Tribune, June 7, 1946), financed by Wall Street which would form the foundation for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency (Leave the European Union Part I). From the U.S. military heads who fought the war:

 “I.G. Farbenindustrie…was indivisible from the Nazi Government…. .from the American corporations with which it was linked… .I.G. Farben’s influence was so great… .it often guided the Nazi government’s plans for world conquest.” (“I.G. Farben Linked to U.S. Companies.” NYT, Dec. 11, 1945; Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 8, p. 1092).

[Without I.G. Farben] Germany’s prosecution of the war would have been unthinkable and impossible” (Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 8, p. 1101).

In case there were any ambiguities about ‘accidental world conquest’, a few years later Hitler’s New York-London banker, James Warburg, stated before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations,

“We shall have world government… The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” (James Warburg, U.S. Senate Hearings on Revision of the United Nations Charter, 81st Congress, Feb. 17, 1950. pp. 494-508). [To preview, this would be called the “World Movement for Democracy”.]

James Warburg’s father was among three Federal Reserve Bank members on the board of directors of the American I.G. Farben Nazi war machine: Paul M. Warburg, co-founder of the Federal Reserve and chairman of International Acceptance Bank; Charles E. Mitchell, president of Rockefellers’ National City Bank; Wallace Teagle, president of Rockefellers’ Standard Oil (“Display Ad 23.” Washington Post, Apr. 26, 1929; “Article 4 – No Title.”[Nuremberg Trial. Photos of I.G. Farben Officials – Herman Schmitz without his Federal Reserve colleagues Warburg, Teagle, Mitchell]. NYT, Aug. 10, 1947).

Principal stockholders of Warburg’s International Acceptance Bank include N.M. Rothschilds & Sons of London and M.W. Warburg of Hamburg (“In and Out of the Banks.” Wall Street Journal [WSJ], Jan. 18,1924). James Warburg was also President Franklin Roosevelt’s financial advisor and special assistant to OSS [CIA] William Donovan (“War Psychology Battle Carried to White House.” Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan 18, 1943).

Adolf Hitler along with Paul Warburg’s brother Max Warburg, a director on the German I.G. Farben, signed the document which appointed Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht as head of Germany’s Reichsbank (Ibid. Sutton Hitler, p.146-147).

“Look away if it makes you sick,” Hitler remarked of I.G. Farben’s activities at Auschwitz (“Detailed Charges Made.” NYT, May 4, 1947 Good Overview). I.G. Farben built its own private concentration camp and gas chambers at Monowitz or Auschwitz III where 30,000 [correction: 300,000] people were worked to death and when deemed unfit for work, overflow was sent to the larger gas chambers or ovens housed at Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz II). As slave laborers’ life span at I.G. Farben Monowitz averaged three months, I.G. Farben shopped at the Nazi concentration camps; children were the cheapest (“Convicted Auschwitz Figure, Invited to U.S., Asks for Visa.” Washington Post, Times Herald, Apr 29, 1971; “Nazi Blames Industry for Prison Deaths.” Chicago Tribune, Feb 3, 1964; “I.G. Farben battles its critics…” The Gazette [Montreal] 10 Aug 1995).

From the NSA declassified “Early Papers Concerning US-UK Agreement – 1940–1944”, page 12 of 238 pages is a War Department memorandum with the subject “General Interchange of Secret Technical Information between the United States and British Governments” ( That partial memo below is dated July 19, 1940 to be signed by the Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson whose name appears on page 15.

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson’s (Yale) special assistant to oversee the development of the atomic bomb was George L. Harrison (Yale). George L. Harrison had come from being president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1928 to 1940 as Harrison and his Federal Reserve mentors, Benjamin Strong and Paul Warburg, et al. had built the Nazi Third Reich and directed the board of the Nazi I.G. Farben war machine. But more on Harrison in a few moments.

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson (Yale), protégé and law partner of former Secretary of War Elihu Root, was groomed into the old “Establishment” (Henry L. Stimson Dies at 83.” NYT, Oct 20, 1950), being the Whitneys (E. Root, the family’s law firm), Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Harrimans et al. (Sutton’s Establishment). [The Establishment is deeply interconnected through inter, intra-marriages to seal alliances and what the über rich consider “good breeding”. Meyer Amschel Rothschild’s five sons married first cousins or nieces for at least two generations (Quigley, p.51)]. In 1936 soon-to-be Secretary of War Stimson was elected chairman of the board of trustees of International House built by John D. Rockefeller II, whose fellow trustees included John D. Rockefeller III et al. (“Stimson Heads Trustees.” NYT, Jun 16, 1936).

Hitler’s New York-London Financiers Aboard the U.S. War Finance Committee. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson directed the spending of more than half of the $300,000,000,000 it cost taxpayers of the United States for World War II (“Henry L. Stimson.” NYT, Oct. 22, 1950). To help Stimson spend, the new War Finance Committee is a long roster of the financiers of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Reich unleashing war upon Europe: vice-chairman of the National City Bank, Harriman, Bankers Trust, Dillon Read & Co., General Electric, Rockefellers’ Chase National Bank (“Burgess Names War Loan Aides [War Committee].” NYT, Jun 17, 1943; “German Loan Syndicate.” NYT, Mar. 29, 1930). It was not a one-time deal as Stimson served six presidents, including President Harry Truman after FDR.

President Franklin Roosevelt and Secretary of War Henry Stimson took a moment from the spending and bloodbath in Europe to congratulate the United Service Organization and its USO honorary chairman, John D. Rockefeller II for rallying U.S. troops (“Leaders Hail USO 2nd Anniversary.” NYT, Feb. 5, 1943), after financing the Nazi Third Reich. Son Winthrop Rockefeller donates some “blue blood” (“Rockefeller’s Son Donates Blood…” L.A. Times, Nov. 20, 1940). Winthrop Aldrich, John D. Rockefeller Jr.’s brother in law, was president of the National War Fund and appointed Prescott S. Bush (father of 41st, 43rd U.S. Presidents Bush), director of Union Banking Corporation created as a conduit for Nazi funds, was made chairman of the USO to boost U.S. troop morale (“Bush Campaign Chairman….” Christian Science Monitor, April 12, 1943).

Stimson’s Assistant Secretary of War was John J. McCloy, whose Nazi SS recruiting protégé was OSS [CIA] Henry Kissinger. Before his appointment as Assistant Secretary of War, John McCloy was a senior partner of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy law firm to the Rockefellers’ oil “Seven Sisters” and major multinationals (“The Wise Men Six Friends….” Los Angeles Times, 30 Nov 1986).

As Stimson and McCloy’s War Department-UKUSA secret intelligence pact put in place what became the NSA-GCHQ, a military intelligence document dated July 15, 1941 was sent to their War Department (shown below). It reported six Rockefellers’ Standard Oil tankers (Exxon Mobil, Chevron…) under Panamanian registry were manned by Nazi officers to the Nazi submarine refueling base in the Canary Islands. The report was killed on orders from Washington D.C. (Sutton’s Establishment, p.171-172, Military Intelligence Report; Leave the European Union, Part I). Nelson Rockefeller was positioned in OSS-CIA intelligence (Sutton, p.171-174; Leave the European Union Part I & Part II-III).

[In 1987, Rothschild et al.’s British Petroleum of London finished buying up Rockefeller’s original Standard Oil Co. of Ohio, creating BP Amoco, the largest producer of oil and gas in the United States (“BP, Amoco Plan $49-Billion Oil Mega-Merger.” Los Angeles Times, Aug. 12, 1998).]

In testimony before the Kilgore Senate Committee, among the 2,200 tons of I.G. Farben documents found were secret cartel agreements between I.G. Farben and Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, and with others throughout the world concealed in a patent-holding company, Jasco, organized in Louisiana (Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 8, p. 1046, 1072, 1089-1090). The secret cartel agreements were designed to prevent the United States from having access to such technology while hindering American research and development, and conceal collaboration with the Nazi Reich… as the Rockefellers and others not only financed but collaborated with the Nazi Reich (Sutton Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).

At World War II-end, Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy immediately freed Alfred Krupp, ruthless user of slave laborers for the Krupp Nazi war machine. Within a few years, Krupp was again one of the richest industrialists in the world (Ibid., “The Real McCloy”). “The Chairman” “fraud” or “Fascist” Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy with protégé Henry Kissinger would recruit Nazi SS Klaus Barbie “Butcher of Lyon” and Nazi SS General Reinhard Gehlen, among others.

Protected by OSS-CIA William Donovan and Allen Dulles, McCloy’s Nazi recruit General Reinhard Gehlen was given millions to hire 4,000 to 20,000 “ex”-Nazis, providing the CIA and Pentagon about 70% of its intelligence on Eastern Europe and Russia (“Reinhard Gehlen Dies, Spy for Hitler…” Washington Post, June 10, 1979; NYT, June 9, 1979). This would be the CIA-Nazi SS “march of democracy” across war-torn Europe and the Soviet Union.

Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy refused to order the bombing of Auschwitz’s four gas chambers – among the largest of the death camps – despite pleas from the World Jewish Congress in 1944, which could have saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews. McCloy’s co-author, Edward T. Chase, explained McCloy refused to bomb but was not the decision maker and that resources were conserved for a major bombing campaign (“Why We Didn’t Bomb Auschwitz.” Washington Post, May 21, 1983). Indeed, the bombs would reduce Germany’s infrastructure and industry to rubble while leaving the American interests intact, in particular Hitler’s prominent financier, J.P. Morgan [Rothschild] controlled-German General Electric (Ibid. Sutton Hitler, p. 62-66; “American Plants in Germany in Use:…Factories Less Damaged than Expected.” NYT, April 19, 1946).

[For instance, United Fruit Company was among those factories. After WWII United Fruit would have Reich-financier-OSS-CIA Director Allen Dulles on their “rape and pillage” world tour, overthrow and un-dress President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954. Interview with U.S. Marine Col. Philip Roettinger, YouTube. If the video is removed from YouTube, a permanent copy here.]

Then again, some 100,000 Hungarian prisoners at Auschwitz were still needed for human experiments, for slave labor, or just “defectives” to be gassed as IBM, created years earlier by the directors of the J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]-controlled Guaranty Trust who financed the Nazi Reich, racked up the body count and profits… but more on IBM in a few moments.

“If we followed in his [John McCloy’s] footstep, we were in the path of doing God’s work,” said Kissinger in a toast to McCloy (Ibid. “The Real McCloy). McCloy would be appointed president of the World Bank in 1947 to help the poor.

President Truman acknowledged Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson “kept in personal touch with all phases of the [atomic bomb] project” (“Text of Statements by Truman, Stimson on Development of Atomic Bomb.” NYT, Aug. 7, 1945).

But Stimson appointed a special assistant, George L. Harrison, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York who for a decade before Hitler’s rise to power and then during, worked with his Federal Reserve mentors to build up the Nazi Third Reich… and then to oversee the development of the atomic bombs that they will drop on Japan.


The Federal Reserve Reich ‘Multi-Purpose Tool’ and The Atomic Bombs for Japan

If Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman was “a tool” of the bankers who built him up as an “oracle” to sell out the British people (Quigley, p. 325), Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley forgot to mention in his 1,348 page book Tragedy and Hope that Federal Reserve Bank Governor (president) George L. Harrison was its New York Reich multi-purpose tool.

[Sutton suggests Quigley’s book, which was based on 20 years of research and given possibly vetted secret papers of J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]’s Council on Foreign Relations (Quigley, p. 952), overlooked their operations that brought Hitler to power, among other things. Quigley was a mentor to future U.S. President Bill Clinton, and consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Navy. Quigley helped to set up the U.S. space program at a time when Nazi scientists were brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip.

One was Nazi war criminal Dr. Hubertus Strughold, who traveled and researched in the United States before the Nazi Reich, during the Nazi Reich as he iced and pressurized prisoners to death and dissected them, in the design of the U.S. space capsule and spacesuit. Strughold became the “Father of U.S. Space Medicine”. – Part II-III Leave the European Union. A few years before his death, Quigley said what was not printed in his book:

“I think it is absolutely tragic, it is shameful, it is sinful that Western Civilization is going to go down the drain… I am extremely skeptical now that it can be saved. I think we’re just about finished.” Quigley Interview in 1974 with Washington Post reporter Part I Leave the European Union.]

The recently declassified National Security Agency-GCHQ documents cast another light and a revisit to the secret meetings among the New York-London central bankers in the 1920s (Leave the European Union Part I, Part II-III). One such public report was Federal Reserve president Benjamin Strong meeting in “absolute secrecy” with Germany’s Reichsbank Hjalmar Schacht, J.P. Morgan, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (also chairman of the Federal Reserve Board) what would turn out to be part of the secret rearmament in the 1920s of the supposedly bankrupt Weimar Germany (“Reichsbank’s Head Sails for New York.” NYT, Oct 10, 1925; “Schacht Will Meet with Mellon and Morgan.” NYT, July 31, 1926; “Reveal German Rearming Began Secretly in ’20.” Chicago Daily Tribune, June 7, 1946; A.W. Mellon, Federal Reserve Bulletin 1927 at at St. Louis Fed; Ibid., Elimination of German Resources for War, Part 3, p.154, 174).

In one of those secret meetings was Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson’s future special assistant to oversee the development of the atomic bomb, George L. Harrison. In 1927 prior to the founding of the Bank for International Settlements (photo on right), secrecy veils a meeting attended by Benjamin Strong, president of the Federal Reserve Bank, and his vice governor George L. Harrison; Charles Rist, deputy governor of the [Rothschild] Bank of France; Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England [Rothschild]; and Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, president of Germany’s Reichsbank (“Gov. Strong Meets French Bank Chief: Charles Rist.” NYT, June 29, 1927; “Secrecy Veils Session of Bankers in Capital.” Washington Post, Jul 7, 1927; “Baron de Rothschild Dead: Head of the French Branch…[Lambert de Rothschild successor].” Washington Post, May, 27, 1905).

Months later at the death of Benjamin Strong in 1928, protégé George L. Harrison became governor (president) of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Harrison had worked closely with Strong for six years, both having been at the Federal Reserve at the inception of its operations in 1914 (Ibid., Central Bank Cooperation, FRB of New York, p. 11, 13).

Harrison attributed his knowledge of central banking to Benjamin Strong and Federal Reserve co-founder Paul Warburg (Federal Reserve History). During this time, Paul M. Warburg was a director of I.G. Farben (“Display Ad 23 [American I.G. Chemical Corporation], Washington Post, Apr 26, 1929). The face of the Nazi Reich would come in 1933.

Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison’s Fed colleague, Charles E. Mitchell, was a director with Paul Warburg on the Nazi I.G. Farben board and president of National City Bank [Rockefeller & I.G. Farben’s Standard Oil]. Charles E. Mitchell praised the selection of Harrison to head the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, citing Harrison’s “close association for the past six years with Benjamin Strong” (“The New Federal Reserve Governor.” WSJ, Nov. 26, 1928; “Deny that Mitchell Will Quit City Bank [Percy Rockefeller large shareholder].” NYT, Nov. 13, 1929).

In January 1930 Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman and soon-to-be Hitler’s Hjalmar Schacht with seven banking institutions founded the Bank for International Settlements (“Lord Norman British Finance Leader Dies.” Los Angeles Times, Feb 4, 1950). The ‘American’ founders were all J.P Morgan[Rothschild]-controlled interests: First National Bank of New York (now Citigroup), and J.P. Morgan & Co. and First National Bank of Chicago (both now J.P. Morgan Chase). The other BIS board of directors were from the central banks of France, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Germany and Great Britain (“Active Role in the World Bank [BIS] Likely for Us under New Policy.” NYT, Oct. 1933).

[Recall a few months later in March 1930, the banking syndicate including National City Bank, Chase National Bank, J.P. Morgan-controlled Guaranty Trust, Bankers Trust Co., Paul Warburg’s International Acceptance Bank[Rothschild], New York Trust Co., Brown Brothers [Harriman in 1930] & Co. and foreign members including N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Baring Brothers, Henry Schroeder & Co. Switzerland and Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij advanced $116,250,000 (about $2 billion today’s dollars) to Germany’s Reichsbank against the $125,000,000 loan by the Swedish match interests (“German Loan Syndicate.” NYT, Mar. 29, 1930).

Three years earlier, Hjalmar Schacht obtained $25,000,000 credit for Germany’s Reichsbank after discussions with Paul Warburg’s International Acceptance Bank [Rothschild] and National City Bank (Rockefellers’ Standard Oil bank) and Rockefellers’ Chase National (“Reichsbank Gets $25,000,000 Credit.” NYT, Jul. 22, 1927 – Part I Leave the EU.]

At the inception of the Bank for International Settlements, Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison was designated a BIS director (“Harrison to Visit World Bank [Bank for International Settlements] Chiefs.” NYT, Jun 30, 1934). First BIS president was Gates W. McGarrah, Rockefellers’ chairman of Chase National Bank (Ibid. “McGarrah in New Post…” NYT, May 3, 1927).

In December 1930, Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison, J.P. Morgan, General Electric (J.P. Morgan) Owen Young (1928 Young Plan), Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, Germany Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht and Bank of France governor conferred on the economic depression in Europe (“Harrison Reports Conditions Abroad.” NYT, Dec. 5, 1930). Recall Germany’s depression was attributed largely to the heavy reparations burden imposed by GE’s Young Plan[J.P. Morgan(Rothschild)] that brought Hitler to power in 1933 as GE under Young funneled money to Adolf Hitler’s “Nationale Treuhand” (National Trusteeship) election fund, administered by Rudolph Hess and Hjalmar Schacht.

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933, Hitler along with Paul Warburg’s brother Max Warburg, a director on the German I.G. Farben, signed the document which appointed Hjalmar Schacht as president of Germany’s Reichsbank under the Nazi Reich (Ibid. Sutton Hitler, p.146-147).

After Hitler came to power, Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison and Reichsbank president Schacht worked to ensure German interest payments to the American bankers, and that all German reparation payments and war debt remittances from the Dawes Plan and Young Plan loans were to pass through the Bank for International Settlements they co-founded three years earlier (Ibid., “Active Role in the World Bank [BIS]…NYT, Oct. 1933; “Basel Bank Ambitious: Expansion Plans Outlined Clearinghouse Role.” Los Angeles Times, Jul 9, 1934).

With Hitler in power and Germany’s economy in disarray, in 1934 Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison and James H. Perkins, chairman of National City Bank [Rockefeller & I.G. Farben’s Standard Oil bank] in consultation with J.P. Morgan and Bank of England Montagu Norman, discussed advancing raw materials to the German I.G. Farben, the Steel Trust and two electric concerns for the stated purpose (or under the guise) of helping the German government to produce exports (“American Bankers Seek To Aid Reich.” NYT, July 23, 1934; “Newspaper Specials-Condensed Items of Financial Interest…” WSJ, Jul 24,1934).

[This was when I.G. Farben began to mobilize for war from congressional testimony based on 2,200 tons of I.G. Farben documents found at the end of World War II (Ibid., Elimination of German Resources for War,Part 8, p.1093).

Incidentally in June 1934 a year after Hitler rose to power, his international propagandist Dr. Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl, attended his 25th alumni reunion at Harvard University (“Nazi Enemies Raid Harvard.” Washington Post, Jun 21, 1934). Hanfstaengl was an American, born into a well-known New England family and cousin of a Civil War general (Sutton, Hitler p. 115).

Hitler’s Reichsbank president, Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, would have been American born like his brother were it not for his mother’s sudden illness. Schacht’s father worked at the J.P. Morgan-controlled Equitable Trust Company of New York’s Berlin office (Sutton Hitler, p. 17). In 1929, Equitable Trust New York sold $30,000,000 in bonds for American I.G. Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of the I.G. Farben backbone of the “Nazi Third Reich” war machine ready-made for Hitler’s rise in 1933. Hitler with German I.G. Farben director Max Warburg – brother of American I.G. Farben director Paul Warburg – installed Hjalmar Schacht as head of Germany’s Reichsbank. (Ibid. “Display Ad 23 [American I.G. Chemical Corp.”)]

Amidst public reports of the violent deaths of dissenters by Hitler’s Storm troopers, Federal Reserve George L. Harrison and Hitler’s Reichsbank head Hjalmar Schacht met in Berlin after previous meetings in Paris and Basel, Switzerland. Harrison maintained the visits were without plan or mission aside from gathering information he deems essential. (“Harrison Meets Schacht.” NYT, Jul 14, 1934; “Nazi Press Applauds: Hitler Address Given Praise.” Los Angeles Times, Jul 14, 1934; “Hitler Personally Ordered Shootings.” WSJ, Jul 14, 1934).

On charity, in 1936 Federal Reserve president George L. Harrison was appointed to head the special gifts committee of the American Red Cross and colleague Owen Young, ARC chairman. Young was appointed by the Federal Reserve Board to be chairman of General Electric when GE funneled money to Hitler’s election funds (“O.D. Young Heads Red Cross Roll.” WSJ, Oct. 13, 1936; “Young Reappointed By Reserve Board.” NYT, Jan 4, 1930). Just in case there is world war, there is greater need for blood and cash.

‘In the Event of War in Europe’: Foreign Exchange Committee In 1939 Federal Reserve Bank president George L. Harrison suggested forming a Foreign Exchange Committee to maintain orderly markets and eliminate speculation on currencies in the event of war in Europe. The Foreign Exchange Committee chairman was R.F. Loree, vice president the J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]-controlled Guaranty Trust Company and committee vice chairman was J.C. Rovensky, vice president of the Chase National Bank [Rockefellers]. In 1940, Guaranty Trust would be renamed J.P. Morgan & Company.

[During this time as Hitler and the Nazi Reich unleash war, countries in Europe are rushing their gold holdings to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for safe keeping from the Nazi invasion. – See Part II-III Leave the European Union].

Others on the committee were commercial and investment bankers: James Perkins, chairman of National City Bank (Rockefellers & I.G. Farben’s Standard Oil bank) who had advanced steel to I.G. Farben five years earlier, Bankers Trust, Knight Woolley of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., and J.P. Morgan & Co., Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman of Chase National Bank (“Finance Prepares: Foreign Exchange Group to Act in Event of War Emergency.” WSJ, 26 Aug 1939). Representing investment banking was Morgan Stanley & Company’s Henry S. Morgan, son of J.P. Morgan (“Money Market Board Named as Precaution.” NYT, Aug 30, 1939). All for over a decade had built up the I.G. Farben and Krupp ready-made war machines as they financed Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.

In case of war in Europe, the Foreign Exchange group would serve as a link between the Federal Reserve and the money market. William C. Potter, director of the Federal Reserve BankΩ of New York and chairman of Guaranty TrustΩ was elected chairman of the General Committee for money markets (“W.C. Potter Heads General Committee for Money Markets.” WSJ, Sept 1, 1939; “General Committee Formed to Handle Problems of Markets.” WSJ, Aug 31, 1939). A year earlier, a foreign exchange group was formed in London.

Ω To preview the slaughter of over six million people: When Hitler rose to power in 1933, IBM president Thomas J. Watson and IBM director Willis C. Booth, who was also chairman of Guaranty Trust (J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]) that formed IBM, both joined the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York whose Fed president George L. Harrison was advancing raw materials to the Nazi I.G. Farben war machine that would supply the Nazi gas chambers with Zyklon B poison gas. The announcement was made by Owen Young (“Joins Reserve Bank.” NYT, Nov. 18, 1937; “Owen D. Young Chairman: Most Powerful Group…” NYT, May 20, 1932).

Four months earlier, Adolf Hitler bestowed upon IBM president Thomas Watson the Nazi Merit Cross of the German Eagle for his efforts in world peace. Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Federal Reserve George L. Harrison’s counterpart, presented the honors. (“Thomas J. Watson is Decorated by Hitler.” NYT, July 1, 1937).

As millions – identified with the collaboration of IBM and the Nazi Reich – were herded into the Zyklon B-filled gas chambers, IBM’s financiers elected Watson to join them as a director of Guaranty Trust (J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]), i.e., J.P. Morgan & Co.

In January 1939, the press reported Hitler “purged” Hjalmar Schacht from the Reichsbank, followed in December 1940 by colleague George L. Harrison leaving the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“New Nazi Purge: Dr. Schacht Departs.” NYT, Jan 22, 1939). Note that both Schacht (1923-30, 1933-1939; 1934-37 as Germany’s Minister of Economics) and Harrison (1928-1940) worked together as president of their respective central banks (Ibid., Central Bank Cooperation, p. 11, 13) over about the same period before Hitler’s rise to power – Schacht managed Hitler’s election fund with General Electric funds from Federal Reserve Harrison’s Fed-appointed GE chairman Owen Young – and during the Nazi Reich. The interesting timing of their departure suggests all was in place: world war unleashed, dissociate before the United States officially entered World War II in late 1941.

Hitler then appointed Schacht’s understudy, Walther Funk, to head the Reichsbank though Schacht was believed to be pulling the strings behind Funk (“Hjalmar Schacht: Nazi Economics.” Washington Post, Aug 1, 1944).

Promptly after his “purging”, Hjalmar Schacht was commissioned by the Nazi Government to purchase raw materials “of an disclosed nature” under Germany’s barter system (“Schacht Begins Long Trip: Former Reichsbank Head is on Buying Mission for Germany.” NYT, Feb. 11, 1939.) Schacht’s first visit was to his associates in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank of International Settlements that he co-founded in 1930.

[It would be some 75 years later in 2013, declassified BIS documents revealed it served as a conduit for payment transfers between the New York-London et al. bankers and the Nazi Reich to finance the war (“Bank of England [with Bank for International Settlements] helped the Nazis to sell plundered gold.” The Telegraph, July 30, 2013 web; “The Nazis’ British Bankers.” The Independent, Mar 30, 1997; See Leave the European Union, Part I).]

In War: Sell Life Insurance, War Bonds, and the American Red Cross Upon leaving the Federal Reserve, on January 1, 1941 George L. Harrison became president and chief executive officer of the J.P. Morgan[Rothschild]-controlled New York Life Insurance Company (“Harrison Quits Post in Federal Reserve: He Becomes Executive Head of New York Life Today.” NYT, Jan. 1, 1941; “New York Security & Trust.” WSJ, Jan. 4 1902 [ Control of NY Life transferred to J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller et al.]; “New York Life Insurance Co. Not Controlled By Outsiders.” WSJ, Jan. 26, 1911[J.P. Morgan denies control]).

George L. Harrison was also chairman of the finance group for the Greater New York Committee for the Sale of Defense Bonds and Stamps (“To Aid Defense Bond Sales.” WSJ, Nov 21, 1941; “Nation’s Banks Able to Meet Credit Needs of Defense Program: George L. Harrison..” WSJ, Jun 20, 1940). The group reports over $2,000,000,000 in war bonds sold. In death, life insurance flourished. A year into WWII, the life insurance heads including George L. Harrison reported 67 million or about half of the U.S. population had $130,000,000,000 in insurance compared to $27,000,0000 when the U.S. was engaged in World War I (“67,000,000 Lives Insured in U.S…Total $130,000,000,000.” NYT, Dec 4, 1942).

A law partner of Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson was named general chairman of the Greater New York Red Cross War Fund. A few years later, George L. Harrison, who headed the American Red Cross special gifts committee, was named acting head of the American Red Cross (“Acting as Red Cross Head.” NYT, Jul 5, 1944).

A large contribution to the American Red Cross War Fund came from J.P. Morgan-controlled General Motors, whose German subsidiary Opel, was one of the two largest tank producers for Hitler’s Nazi Reich (“Red Cross Names Stimson Partner…” NYT, Dec 27, 1941; Sutton Hitler, p. 31).

“Democracy and Freedom Atomic Bombs for Japan

‘Against a brutal force…[in] the fight for freedom,’ Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson appointed George L. Harrison as his special assistant. Stimson’s War Department supervised the development of the atomic bomb and on this committee, George L. Harrison served as Stimson’s alternate chairman (“Stimson Sees War Shortened.” Christian Science Monitor, Aug 6, 1945). Known as the “Manhattan Project,” the atomic bomb was developed with full knowledge and cooperation of Britain and Canada.

General Leslie Groves supervised the secret Manhattan Project (U.S. Department of Energy). Groves recruited DuPont in November 1942 to be the prime contractor for the construction of the plutonium production complex for the atomic bomb (General Leslie Groves. (1962). Now It Can Be Told: The Story of The Manhattan Project. p. 79; U.S. Department of Energy: “The Manhattan Project”).

About 14 years earlier as the New York-London bankers (industrialists) built the Nazi Third Reich, Du Pont (E. I. du Pont de Nemours) owned “substantial stock interests” in I.G. Farben, key backbone of the Nazi war machine (“Offer German Dye Trust Debentures.” WSJ, Dec 7, 1928). Du Pont entered into a secret cartel agreement with I.G. Farben to prevent the sale of tetrazene-primed ammunition to Britain in early 1941 (“Detailed Charges Made [I.G. Farben].” NYT, May 4, 1947).

[In between building the Nazi Reich and the atomic bombs, the DuPonts took a moment in 1937 to celebrate the marriage of Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., the son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt “arsenal of democracy”, to Ethel du Pont. During the WWII bloodletting, Alfred du Pont headed a section for espionage projects in France (Smith, OSS, p. 15-16).]

Germany surrendered in May 1945. After Germany surrendered, on August 6, 1945, followed three days later on August 9, the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively, immediately vaporizing over 210,000 Japanese lives; many thousands more later died or became ill from radiation exposure (BBC On this Day). Picture on the right: former president of the Federal Reserve George L. Harrison, Major General Leslie Groves et al. meet at the White House a day after dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan (“Truman, Chief Aides Study Effect of Atom Bomb.” NYT, Aug. 10, 1945).


IBM, J.P. Morgan[Rothschild] and The Auschwitz Gas Chambers

The enormity of the genocide at Auschwitz was not known until July 1944, says Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy’s co-author (Ibid., “Why We Didn’t Bomb Auschwitz”). Moreover, resources were conserved for a major bombing campaign that reduced Germany’s industry to rubble, missing much of the American industrials that helped build the Nazi Reich war machine (Ibid. Sutton Hitler, p. 62-66).

Perhaps it was before 1944.


Recently declassified OSS-CIA records revealed the protectorate of Assistant Secretary of War McCloy’s Nazi SS Klaus Barbie and Gehlen et al., OSS[CIA] Director William Donovan, knew about Nazi plans to eradicate Europe of Jews even before 1941. (“Early Intelligence Record on Nazi Final Solution…Under Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.” U.S. Newswire, July 2, 2001).

Before 1941 was about the time soon-to-be OSS[CIA] director Donovan, Allen Dulles and Hitler’s New York bankers met secretly in an unmarked apartment “the room” on East Sixty-Second Street in New York to share intelligence as their investments in Hitler and the Nazi war machines unleashed war across Europe. In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the OSS[CIA], appointing Donovan its director.

British intelligence also knew about Hitler’s mass extermination plans, having intercepted the Chilean counsel’s dispatch in 1941 alerting its government of such plans (“Declassified US document sheds light on British, US intelligence on Holocaust.” Jerusalem Post [Jerusalem], 03 July 2001).

Perhaps the genocide plans were known before 1941…

…. Updated June 29, 2015. The rest of Section II is forthcoming. Section I above carries over material from Leave the European Union Part II-III, the last section before the post was encrypted and further writing blocked.

“The Nazi masters of Germany have made it clear that they intend not only to dominate all life and thought in their own country, but also enslave the whole of Europe…” said President Franklin Roosevelt in his radio fireside chat with the American people and the world not long before the United States would officially enter World War II (“President Bars Peace Talk Now: Hits Dictators.” Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 29, 1940).

Like Grand Chessboard Zbigniew Brzezinski, it is good to be prescient because President Franklin Roosevelt’s OSS[CIA] appointees William Donovan and Allen Dulles with Brzezinski, Kissinger et al. would conduct covert operations to round up war torn Europe into the European Union and NATO launch pad of Hitler’s New York-London financiers (Leave the European Union, Part II-III).

The value of gold soaked in blood will be calculated in dollars and will be used to finance American exports to Europe… . It is known that gold does not stink…,” wrote Rzeczpospolita, the Polish government newspaper on U.S. plans to distribute gold stolen by the Nazis (Chicago Daily Tribune, Sept. 27, 1947).

Documents declassified 50 years later showed, among other things, the U.S. Treasury melted down gold bars previously belonging to Spain that was stolen by the Nazis and stamped with its swastika, and reissued the bars as American gold for Spain to exchange for American-made telephone equipment (“U.S. Melted Nazi Victims’ Gold Bars Were Turned Over To Central Banks Across Europe.” NYT, Dec. 1, 1997).


After “Heil mein Furher!” comes the so-called Fourth Reich, or what the Senate Kilgore Committee warned five decades ago that Hitler’s bankers had already started planning for a third world war, or what Hitler’s bankers call the “World Movement for Democracy”.



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New York Stock Market Founded Upon African Slave Trade, Wall Street Investment an Extension of the Slave Trade

Joseph Morgan, grandfather to J.P. Morgan of The [London] House of Morgan, was in the business of insuring the lives of African slaves for slave owners when he co-founded Aetna Fire Insurance Company in 1819 and Aetna Life Insurance Company followed in 1853 (“Morgan Severs Connection with Aetna Insurance.” Washington Post, January 26, 1939). One Aetna policy was a 12-month life insurance slave policy for the cost of $17.25 that would pay a slave owner $600 if the slave(s) died (“Slave Policies.” NYT, May 5, 2002).

Joseph Morgan’s son Junius Spencer Morgan (1813-1890) joined George Peabody in London, where Junius Morgan worked with the Rothschilds (“Mr. Pierpont Morgan: Memoir.” The [London] Times, April 1, 1913). Junius Morgan, Peabody et al. dispatched Junius’s son J.P. Morgan (“John Pierpont” 1837-1913) to New York where J.P. Morgan ushered in London money and established what came to be known as The [London] House of Morgan, in New York.

For over 130 years, the House of Morgan [London Rothschilds] was connected to Aetna Insurance. Great-great-grandson J.P. Morgan (II) was on Aetna’s board for 40 years until 1939. 1951, J.P. Morgan (II) son Henry Sturgis Morgan was named director of Aetna (“Fifth Morgan Generation Joins Aetna Insurance.” NYT, July 2, 1951).

Upon J.P. Morgan’s death in 1913, son J.P. Morgan II (1867-1943) took the helm and continued with the Rothschilds in building up Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich [Part I Leave the EU], with help from Morgan II’s two sons, U.S. Lieutenant Commander of the Naval Reserve Junius Spencer Morgan Jr. (1892-1960) and U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Henry Sturgis Morgan (1900-1982).

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Henry Sturgis Morgan (1900-1982) was a director of J.P. Morgan’s General Electric when GE sent money to Adolf Hitler’s election fund as father Morgan II financed the Nazi Third Reich, unleashing World War II upon Europe. During WWII, Henry Sturgis would be repositioned in intelligence services of the Office of Strategic Services (CIA) and so did his brother.

Whether by edit or error in Wikipedia, Henry Sturgis Morgan’s second marriage to Senator John McCain’s sister, Jean Alexandra McCain, is omitted. Rear Admiral Henry Sturgis Morgan co-founded Morgan Stanley, which was spun-off from his father and grandfather’s J.P. Morgan & Company, with sons of three partners from his father’s J.P. Morgan (“Sons of 3 Partners Enter Morgan Firm…” NYT, Jan 1, 1929). Henry S. Morgan remained Morgan Stanley’s advisory director and director emeritus of the General Electric Company until his death in 1982 (“Miss Jean A. McCain becomes Affianced.” NYT, Dec. 31, 1956; “Estella-Jo’son [Flather-Morgan].” Washington Post, April 18, 1973).

About 175 years later, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. [Morgans, Rockefellers, Rothschilds et al.] upon losing a contract or two after denying it had some slaves on its old books, admitted its banks accepted “approximately 13,000” slaves as collateral for loans and ended up owning 1,250 African slaves as a result of borrower defaults. (“J.P. Morgan Says Two Precursor Banks Held Slaves.” Los Angeles Times, Jan. 21, 2005). Two of J.P. Morgan Chase’s predecessor banks, Citizens Bank and Canal Bank based in Louisiana, served as banks to plantations from the 1830s until the Civil War. George Peabody [Morgan, Rothschilds] profited from the slave trade (“Firm stands firm on slavery ties: J.P. Morgan rebuffs.. new allegations.” Chicago Tribune, May 04, 2004).

democracy-jpmorganslavebanksThere was also a consortium of J.P. Morgan Chase’s banks, a $2.5 million joint venture to write slave life insurance policies between the Merchant’s Bank of New York and The Leather Manufacturers Bank of New York in 1852. (“Chicago City Council Hearing on JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank Merger.” Testimony of Slave Descendant, Attorney Deadria C. Farmer-Paellman, Mar. 5, 2004. Case filed with the United States Supreme Court).

Out of J.P. Morgan [Rothschilds], John D. Rockefeller et al.-controlled New York Life Insurance’s first 1,000 policies, 339 were written on the lives of slaves (“Insurance firms issued slave policies.” USA Today, Feb. 21, 2002; “New York Security & Trust.” WSJ, Jan. 4 1902 – Control of NY Life transferred to J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller et al.; “New York Life Insurance Co. Not Controlled By Outsiders [J.P. Morgan].” WSJ, Jan. 26, 1911).

The New York-London Brown Brothers Harriman financed the purchase of slaves (“Brown Bros.: Loans gave planters cash to buy [African slaves].” USA Today, Feb. 21, 2002); Bank of America, AIG, the nation’s railroads including E.H. Harriman’s Union Pacific Railroad, etc. (“Rail networks own lines built with slave labor.” USA Today, Feb. 21, 2002; “Bank of America, JPMorgan Slave Trade Cases Reinstated by Court.” Bloomberg, Dec. 13, 2006; “Insurance firms issued slave policies.” USA Today, Feb. 21, 2002).

After centuries as African slaves are unearthed under the pavements of New York, several boxes at Britain’s National Archives kept in the dark for 170 years the institutions and individuals who knowingly profited from African slavery (“Paper trail loosens shackles on hidden past” and “Rothschild and Freshfields founders had links to slavery, papers reveal” in Financial Times [London (UK)], June 27, 2009).

Uncovered in 2009 the box contained contracts that gave a glimpse into who financed the slave trade and used slaves as collateral in bank dealings: Rothschilds, J.P. Morgan [Rothschild], the prestigious London law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer (Rothschilds a client). Lloyds of London insured fleets that shipped about 10 million slaves from west African ports to the United States in the 1700s and early 1800s (“Lloyd’s faces class action claim for role in slave trade.” FT, Mar. 30, 2004).

In the pre-Civil War cotton trade, the key slave trade financiers included Britain’s Barings Bros., the Anglo-French Rothschild firm and Baltimore-based Alex. Brown & Sons. (“FleetBoston: Traced to slave-trading merchant.” USA Today, Feb. 21, 2002).


A Manufacturing Innovation in the United States

I have been so engrossed in democracy and freedom writings that I did not realize it was already time to be tax-audited again. I would like to share some observations on an innovative type of audit that could potentially affect over 90 million Americans of working age.

The first audit came promptly after being fired by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office after 2½ months for writing about Wall Street and Fannie Mae’s mortgage bonds, bond fraud and the insolvency of the U.S. banks, i.e. the financial system (Welcome to Economics Voodoo!). CBO’s economic advisors included the IMF, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of England et al. whose theme was “economic growth and recovery.”

Apparently when it comes to income taxes, a state in this case Minnesota, can create anyone’s income out of thin air and send a tax bill. The task of this second audit is “PROVE YOU HAVE NO INCOME” (Nationwide, that could mean 90-100 million Americans.).

As fortune would have it, I was in Washington D.C. being fired by the CBO in that period. A letter to the Department of Revenue explaining the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry and an audit conducted on me would not suffice (although it seems odd they did not audit Wall Street and Fannie Mae’s mortgage bonds).

Perhaps check with the Senate Judiciary Committee?

It’s the cast from Saturday Night Live!

There’s SNL’s classic Stuart Smalley playing the role of U.S. Senator Al Franken. No, it really is U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) from Minnesota! Not one but two U.S. senators from Minnesota on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a picture of Senator Al Franken with Senator Patrick Leahy, who was committee chairman during the congressional inquiry. Senator Klobuchar (D-MN), potential presidential candidate.

In hindsight, perhaps auditing Wall Street’s mortgage bonds was unnecessary because in 2010 Senator Leahy, before serving as acting chairman on the Senate Judiciary over the inquiry, pushed through a midnight Senate vote to make it more difficult for homeowners to fight Wall Street and Fannie Mae’s fraudulent foreclosures. It looks as if in 2015, Fannie Mae (Wall Street banks) needs another few hundred billion dollar bailout from taxpayers.

If Senator Leahy is busy, perhaps Minnesota’s Senator Al Franken and Senator Jay Rockefeller (and here) have been busy pushing healthcare reform (because the American people really believe that the people who collapsed its financial system are concerned about affordable health care).

There is Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who has also been on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee with Senator Jay Rockefeller for over a decade since at least 9/11. So, there is intelligence on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“You must act now to prevent collection action” which “could mean taking money out of your paycheck or seizing your property and bank accounts” to collect taxes on income manufactured by the MN Department of Revenue. Your ask is to prove that income does not exist.

(Most states saw a drop in tax revenue last year – some by 50% decline … “massive budget shortfalls”. (“Exclusive: Like New Jersey, most states felt drop in April income taxes.” Reuters, May 23, 2014). Some Minnesotan early tax filers report receiving a partial portion of their tax refunds, with the rest of the refunds coming perhaps after some neighbor paid their taxes.

If anyone in the United States of America receives a car as your tax refund from the state or federal government this year, please know there is a good chance that is my car.

Then again, it could come from the other 90+ million Americans.

At this moment, I have learned that the audit has been rescinded but hope that my observations can be informative for others who might encounter this odd experience. Until the next random audit…





Part IV Leave the European Union, Addendum: On Greece, The Lads Doth Protest Too Much

“The lady[and lads] doth protest too much, methinks.” Act III, Scene II Shakespeare’s Hamlet


(Continue from Part IV Leave the European Union – “Out of Damnation, Greece” – “What Stinks about Varoufakis and the Whole Greek Mess?New Eastern Outlook, Jul 3, 2015; “A Soros «Trojan Horse» inside the New Greek Government?Strategic Culture Foundation, Jan 29, 2015)

Scenes from “The Dismemberment of Greece”

“Sorry, but there is no way you are leaving this room,” said President of the European Council Donald Tusk to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, France’s President Francois Hollande et al. (“After Marathon in Brussels, Tsipras Faces Athens Sprint.” Ekathimerini, Jul 13, 2015).

Somehow after months culminating in 15 hours of ‘marathon’ negotiations, Merkel, Tsipras et al. came up with more of the same more crippling austerity ‘reforms’ than the ones the Greek people had rejected in the July 5th referendum (“Prime Minister Tsipras’ Bailout Reform Package: An Act of Treason against the Greek People.” Global Research, Jul 11, 2015).

On the heels of the “bailout” agreement on July 14, 2015– the third in five years – Reuters’ exclusively reports a “Secret” International Monetary Fund (IMF) document showing Greece needs debt relief far beyond the €86 billion “bailout” loans (“Exclusive: Greece needs debt relief far beyond EU plans – Secret IMF report.” Reuters). The “Secret IMF report” on the unsustainable Greece debt and bailouts was given to Tusk, Merkel, Tsipras et al. just hours after the unanimous agreement to “save” Greece from exiting the euro zone.

The IMF, European Central Bank, and European Commission, Merkel, Tsipras et al. must be in shock that the Secret IMF “debt sustainability analysis” (DSA) showed Greek debt and bailouts are unsustainable. The IMF must be more in shock that the IMF in 2010 knew its “country assistance strategy” (CAS) would collapse Greece’s economy (“A Humanitarian Tragedy Imposed on Greece.” BRICS Post, Jun 20, 2015). And the Secret IMF debt un-sustainability analysis must also shock Greece’s new Ph.D. Oxford-educated Dutch-born-British-raised Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos.

In early 2015, Greek Finance Minister Yanis “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis went to investment bank Lazard Freres to advise Athens on ‘debt restructuring’ – the same Lazard Freres that in 2012, “organized a massive debt swap which was little more than a disguised €100bn default, and which incidentally was part funded by the ECB” (“Greece Crisis: So is Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis a Marxist?” Independent, Feb. 9, 2015). The ECB must be shocked. This is the Lazard Freres with Rothschild, Morgan, and Hermann Abs of Deutsche Bank et al. that created Euro Monetary Union and served as advisers to the World Bank early in its inception (See Part IV Leave the European Union, Part II-III).

There was Goldman Sachs, the most heavily involved Wall Street bank in the Greece government, to arrange swaps that helped to blow up Greece’s debt (“Greek Debt Crisis: How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt.” Spiegel, Feb. 2, 2010). Goldman Sachs COO Steve Cohen made frequent visits to the Greece government, meeting with Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou to offer debt products. Varoufakis was an adviser to Papandreou, who started Greece on the road to “austerity”, i.e. the “IMF’s Four Steps to Damnation.”

With the IMF “Secret” exposed on July 14, the IMF “stuns” with “a political earthquake in Europe” by calling for “massive Greek debt relief” (“IMF stuns Europe with call for massive Greek debt relief.” Telegraph, 14 Jul 2015)… the same IMF whose “devised in secret” country assistance plans (CAS) marked “RESTRICTED” “CONFIDENTIAL” collapsed Greece’s GDP by 25% and more than doubled the unemployment rate in the past five years to near 26%. Greece’s debt burden nearly doubled. The Greek people are in shock.

With such successful bailout reforms, the IMF-ECB-EC, Tsipras, Oxford Ph.D. Tsakalotos, “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Ph.D. Varoufakis, Merkel, Hollande et al. gathered in emergency “marathon” meetings and came up with more “bailout reforms” (to cripple) on what remains productive in Greece, including dismembering Greece €50 billion of its national assets so that the ATMs in Greece can spit out €60 more insolvent euros allowances. The people of Greece are shocked.

To “save” Greece during those midnight hours, the IMF-ECB-EC, Tsipras, Oxford Tsakalotos, “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis, Merkel, Hollande et al. must have borrowed from the previous Greece “bailout reforms” because the crew dismembered €50 billion of Greece’s national assets in 2011 under Prime Minister George Papandreou (“Greece takes first steps to EUR50bn sell-off.” Financial Times, Mar 23, 2011).

Lazard Freres, a long-term adviser to Greece, handled the restructuring of the Consignments, Deposits and Loans Fund, a state-owned lender which had failed European bank stress tests. This is the Lazard Frères old investment bank that Greece Finance Minister Yanis “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis promptly sought to advise Athens on ‘debt restructuring’ upon their Syriza party’s election win in January 2015.

[That’s odd, shouldn’t the largest banks in the European Union and Federal Reserve have failed these bank stress tests? See posts Quantitative Easing…Levitating the Black Hole; The Federal Reserve Bank is Naked.]

The advisers in the 2011 bailout (dismemberment of Greece) sale included Rothschild and Barclays for Greece’s roads; France’s BNP Paribas and Greece’s National Bank on the Athens International Airport; Lazard on exploiting the commercial activities of the Greek trusts and loans funds et al. (“The Big Fat Greek Sell-Off: Required to Contribute EUR 50Bn Towards Its Own Bail-Out, Greece is Finally Facing Up to the Sale of Its Most Treasured Assets.” The Sunday Telegraph [London (UK)], 05 June 2011).

Warren Buffet reportedly has gotten an early start and just bought the beautiful Greek island of Agios Thomas on clearance for 15 million euros. (Sputnik, July 19, 2015).

No matter the outcome of the July 5th referendum, Finance Minister “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis vowed preemptively to sue the European Union to block Greece’s exit from the euro (‘Greece Threatens Top Court Action to Block Grexit.” Telegraph, Jun 29, 2015)… and hand Greece back to the IMF-ECB-EC et al. bankers for the dismemberment.

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asks the Greek people he betrayed to accept more “bailouts” to “save” Greece from leaving the euro currency: “The worst thing a captain can do while he is steering a ship during a storm, as difficult as it is, is to abandon the helm,” Tsipras said. “I won’t escape these responsibilities…”

Perhaps what Greece’s Prime Minister Tsipras meant to say to the Greek people was:

When a ship is being steered on a course that is destroying the ship and Greek passengers thrown to the sharks, a captain does not lock onto the same course to sink even deeper while blocking the exit and selling off the lifeboats, unless the captain’s responsibility is to destroy the Greek passengers with the ship… at which time, the passengers must throw the captain et al. overboard to change course and save themselves and their nation.

“The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis, who could not resist the opportunity to join Tsipras’ Syriza team, railed against Germany’s FM Wolfgang Schaeuble for “sacrificing” Greece to  “austerity” “bailout reforms” et al. This after Varoufakis previously advised and then railed against former Greece Prime Minister George A. Papandreou, who initiated Greece on the “IMF’s Four Steps to Damnation” bailouts, that is, the dismemberment of Greece.

PM Papandreou, like his PM father, led the Greek PASOK party whose campaigns called for Greece to leave the European Union and NATO, railed against the bankers et al. and then did the opposite in power. PASOK apparently loaned their clothes now worn by Greek PM Tsipras channeling Papandreou and “the-bankers-hate-me” FM Varoufakis of Syriza (“Is SYRIZA the New PASOK?” Greek Reporter, Oct. 12, 2014) as both PASOK and Syriza once again, delivered Greece back to the IMF-ECB-EC-EU et al. because…

The task of Finance Minister Yanis “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis was to keep Greece in the euro, claiming that leaving the euro is too late (“Profile Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.” Reuters, Jan. 28, 2015). What an usual thing to say for a “brilliant” mathematical economist Ph.D. Varoufakis of a Euro Monetary Union in its 15th year insolvent when the Greek drachma has been around for ten centuries until some 15 twitter years ago.

Fresh from an island vacation, “The-Bankers-Hate-Me” Varoufakis deemed Greece’s bailout the “culmination of a coup”, perhaps befitting The New York Times (May 20, 2015) headline a few months earlier, Yanis Varoufakis, “A Finance Minister Fit for a Greek Tragedy?” On a world rail-against-the-bankers-bailout media tour, Varoufakis rails to BBC News that the bailout “will fail”, which will “go down in history as the greatest disaster of macroeconomic management ever.” (“Greece debt crisis: Reforms ‘will fail’ – Varoufakis.” BBC News, Jul 18, 2015).

Thou doth protest too much, methinks

Amidst “threats” of a “Grexit”, what the Greek Trojans, IMF-ECB-EU et al. really said was leaving the EU euro club is not an option. Therefore, Greece was “saved” from leaving the Eurozone and European Union.

Greece will be dismembered until the Greek people no longer have the will to exist as a nation, stripped of its wealth. Yet the illusion has been maintained for the people of Greece and others in the EU to fear their existence outside the euro and European Union (“Biggest Greek Bank Warns of Dire Euro Exit Fallout.” Reuters, May 29, 2012) while being dismembered inside it. The biggest Greek bank, National Bank of Greece, issued dire warnings about exiting the euro when it was busy with BNP Paribas dismembering the Athens International Airport to bankers “creditors” a year earlier.

Just how did a civilization like Greece and its centuries old drachma manage to exist before the European Union?

“The Greek government has presented a reform plan in accordance with the decision made at Eurogroup summit,” said France’s President Francois Hollande. “This is a serious and trustworthy program,” noting “Greece thus demonstrated its intention to stay in the Eurozone.” (TASS, July 10, 2015) [… lest France experiences another terrorist event…]

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, former COO of Citigroup, hails Greece’s bailout to be “in the best interests of Greece, Europe and the global economy.” (“Greece Deal Good for Europe, Global Economy: U.S. Treasury Secretary.” Xinhua, Jul 14, 2015).

Which is why on the heels of the Greek ‘bailout debt crisis’, Hollande proposes the creation of a euro zone government, which would take control of the fiscal and economic policies of the 19 countries in euro monetary union (“France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government.” Bloomberg, Jul 19, 2015). There is a method to the madness in breaking countries in the euro zone such as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain et al. to insolvency.

Hollande is a messenger of a ‘proposal’ that has been decades in the making. The control over each country’s fiscal and economic policies would lead to the common Euro Bond proposed during the “European sovereign debt crisis” (“EU Pushes Scenarios for Euro Bond.” WSJ, Nov. 21, 2011). This was tested decades earlier by Hermann Abs, Rothschild et al. who formed the European Union and common Euro Monetary Union, after financing the destruction of Europe (Part II-III Leave the European Union, Part IV). In effect, if the euro zone countries follow this path, nationhood would cease.

This is to preserve and advance what was brought to fruition through decades of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Nazi SS et al. covert operations to round up war-torn Europe, after financing Hitler and the so-called Nazi Third Reich to destroy Europe, until the formation of the European Union and adoption of the Euro Monetary Union became “virtually inescapable”. This declassified letter dated 1965 among others dating back to 1948, surfaced in 2000 following the adoption of the euro currency. (“Euro-federalists financed by U.S. spy chiefs.” Telegraph, Sept. 19, 2000; Aldrich, Richard. “OSS, CIA and European Unity.” Diplomacy & Statecraft, 1997; Leave the European Union Part I, Part II-III, Part IV).

Throw bankrupt Greece out of the bankrupt European Union? Costas Karamanlis, former Greek Prime Minister from 2004 to 2009, had advanced a Greece-Russia energy alliance. Greece would become a gateway for Russian oil and gas to Europe, about the time Rothschild, Brzezinski, U.S. et al. pushed the ill-fated Nabucco Pipelines to sever countries in the European Union from buying Russian gas (Part II-III Leave the European Union).

Karamanlis lost under “suspicious circumstances” in the 2009 elections to George A. Papandreou, as it emerged that Russia’s FSB security agency had warned its Greek counterpart of a 2008 plot to assassinate Karamanlis to halt his pro-Moscow energy alliance (“UPDATE 2-Greece presses charges over alleged ’08 plot against PM.” Reuters, Mar 14, 2012).

Throw a bankrupt Ukraine out of European Union integration? Within days of the pro-EU Nazi armed coup d’état of Ukraine’s Yanukovych government, the European Union offered the bankrupt, politically stable coup-induced civil war Ukraine: “We are ready to sign when Ukraine is ready to sign [EU Association Agreement].”  Ukraine’s President Yanukovych had suspended signing the EU agreement on Nov. 21, 2013 in favor of Russia and consider the impact on their significant economic, trade and historical ties (“EU offer of free-trade pact with Ukraine still stands, Brussels ready to sign – EU trade chief.” Reuters, Feb. 28, 2014; Part II-III Leave the European Union).

Ukraine, through which significant Russian pipelines deliver gas to Europe, has been part of Brzezinski, CIA, Vatican et al. covert operations over decades to corral the largest last of the post-Soviet states into the European Union and NATO (Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard; Bernstein & Politi’s His Holiness). Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland stated in recent times $5 billion has been spent to deliver Ukraine to the European Union, then NATO (Remarks on Dec. 13, 2013, U.S. State Department). With the coup d’état of Ukraine, the European Commission says Russia’s abandoning the gas route through Ukraine is “unacceptable” (Sputnik, Jul 14, 2015).

This highlights the European Union’s ‘Copenhagen criteria’ for EU membership which includes “stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights” and “a functioning market economy”. About 15 years into the European Union’s Euro Monetary Union (EMU), most of the euro zone countries do not meet a basic criteria under the Maastricht Treaty, such as a debt to GDP under 60 percent. Germany, the European Union’s largest and strongest economy, exceeds this ratio. Some countries were assisted with derivatives to mask their debt to “sneak” into the euro zone as a picture emerges, to be dismembered with all the countries in the European Union.

It is an usual time to observe the past and the present converge as nations are at an epoch turning point. Earlier this month, Austrian campaigners gathered 260,000 signatures of the required 100,000 for its parliament to put to a referendum Austria’s exit from the European Union (Sputnik, Jul 4, 2015; “Austria is Fast Becoming Europe’s Latest Debt Nightmare.” Telegraph, Mar 7, 2015; “Austria Wants the UK to Give its Gold Back.” CNBC, May 29, 2015).

Euro-skepticism stirs in Italy, France, U.K. et al. as the U.S. multinational corporations and banks threaten job loss and relocations in the event of an EU-exit as the U.S.-EU engage in secret trade negotiations (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) &Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)) that will allow multinational corporations to override a nation’s laws.

Some 50 years to the fruition of the European Union and euro monetary union, the question is whether the people of countries in the European Union remember what it was like to be a sovereign nation and have the courage to be a sovereign nation again. What will the people do when their leaders steer the nation on a path to being dismembered?




Part II-III Leave the European Union, Euro: Operation Ukraine — Proxy for What?

“[T]he situation in Ukraine, which seems to be accidental, has the elements of the inevitable.”  x

– President Xi Jinping of China on the situation in Ukraine, BricsPost, March 5, 2014.

“How America ‘manages’ Eurasia is critical… (p.31) .Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire…(p. 46) .Europe could become one of the vital pillars of an American-sponsored larger Eurasian structure of security and cooperation…(p. 59) .[B]etween 2005 and 2010, Ukraine… should become ready for serious negotiations with both the EU and NATO… .[I]t is not too early for the West… the decade 2005 – 2015 as a reasonable time frame for… Ukraine’s… inclusion [EU, NATO].” (p. 84,121)

– Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997).

It is an unusual time to observe many decades of history and its agents gather to the present at a coup d’état of Ukraine – the largest last of the post-Soviet states in Eastern Europe  –  that takes subverted U.S.-European Union and NATO aspirations to the borders of Russia and China.

Perhaps China understands the prescient words of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who with the Vatican and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, conducted covert operations in Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states… at least two decades before his 1997 book. The CIA’s Nazi SS general and his SS intelligence network provided much of the CIA’s intelligence on Eastern Europe and Russia… as they would emerge as “missionaries of democracy”, rounding up Western Europe and post-Soviet states scarred by communism into the European Union of the New York-London Nazi Reich financiers.

One could go back to March 26, 1917 when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson gave Leon Trotsky $10,000 and an American passport with Russian and British travel permits, and accompanied by Wall Street financiers sailed off to “carry forward” the communist revolution in Russia… as they would build from behind the communist Soviet Union, later paraded as the “Evil Empire”. Years later, $5 billion to “carry forward” Ukraine, the largest last of the post-Soviet states into the European Union, brought to fruition through joint CIA-Nazi intelligence operations in Eastern  Europe and Russia… as one gets a glimpse of how this was done from Poland…Ukraine… to Boris Yeltsin until Yeltsin’s successor stepped in.

Let’s pause to review recent events. Fitch credit ratings give most indebted United States  “AAA” highest ratings (but threatens to take it away), affirms European Union “AAA” and stable outlook (March 12), and Standard & Poor’s downgrades Ukraine to CCC junk (March 14) (web). In the past, ratings agencies and Wall Street banks including Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase made an effort to hide the debt and derivatives risks for countries such as Greece, Italy and Portugal to join the European Union under the EU Maastricht Treaty, for instance, a debt-to-GDP under 60%.

As of Oct. 2013, 13 out of 17 Eurozone countries exceed this level and another two borderline into the foreseeable future based on IMF World Economic Outlook. End-2013, emerging and developing economies (China, Russia et al) hold nearly half of the $1.5 trillion in official global reserve holdings of the EU’s euros as the most indebted EU-US Siamese twins impose sanctions and kick Russia out of the G-8, becoming the indebted dominion of G-7 and then the G-0. In March 2014, Fitch and S&P downgrade Mother Russia’s credit rating to “Negative;” in April, S&P further downgrades Mother Russia to above “Junk”.  [Russia’s relative debt is below that of the “emerging & developing economies” in the triptych above].

In the year 2014, G-7 and EU founding member Italy will include drugs, prostitution, and arms trafficking to boost its GDP calculations (“Cocaine Sales to Boost Italian GDP in Boon for Budget.” Bloomberg, May 22, 2014). A question is whether fellow G-7 advanced economies Canada, Germany, Japan, U.K., France and U.S. will follow Italy’s lead, unless Italy was the last to do so. In the above charts, consider the U.S. economic recovery espoused by the highest intellects of Federal Reserve Yale-Harvard-Princeton et al Ph.D. economists (whose publications in esteemed economic journals are based on official U.S. government statistics) and financial “oracles”.

Consider also the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) discussed among such circles as a global reserve currency alternative: instead of the most advanced, indebted U.S. dollar printer as the primary reserve currency, have a basket case of the advanced indebted printers as the primary global reserve currency. Or, in the words of “Maestro” in 2007:

It is “absolutely conceivable that the euro will replace the dollar as reserve currency…” Former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan, Honorary Knight of the British Empire (Reuters, Sept. 17, 2007). A year earlier, U.S President George W. Bush (May 5, 2006 copy) gave presidential authority to intelligence czar, John Negroponte, in the name of national security to exempt publicly traded companies from accounting and securities disclosure obligations. By fall 2008, the U.S.-western banking, financial system collapsed as the Federal Reserve Bank and European Central Bank hot-wired each other some $8 trillion in dollar-euro swaps (“loans”) that neither had to keep the system from imploding (previous post,The Federal Reserve Bank is Naked).

Within days of the pro-EU coalition armed coup of Ukraine’s Yanukovych government, which had suspended signing the EU association agreement on Nov. 21, 2013 in favor of Russia (Reuters), EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht offered the bankrupt Ukraine: “We are ready to sign when Ukraine is ready to sign [EU association agreement]. The benefits will be seen a couple of weeks after the signature.” (“EU offer of free-trade pact with Ukraine still stands, Brussels ready to sign – EU trade chief.” Reuters, Feb. 28, 2014). For an immediate trajectory of the benefits, see the triptych above.

Russia moved to secure its Black Sea Fleet naval base in Crimea (established by Russia’s Catherine the Great in 1783; history 1855) as on March 16, 2014, over 95% of Crimea’s 1.5 million voters chose to secede from Ukraine and reunite with Russia. The European Union, United States, NATO and Ukraine coup-government condemn Crimea’s referendum to be an “illegal” “unconstitutional” “farce” and impose sanctions on Russia.

In 1954 Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, former Ukraine leader, gave Crimea to Ukraine reportedly as a demonstration of “brotherly” affection between Russia and Ukraine (“Ukraine Gaining in Soviet Affairs.” NYT, Feb. 28, 1954). In 2009 Pravda reports Khrushchev held a 15 minute discussion followed by a vote with only 13 of 27 Supreme Council members present to give Crimea to Ukraine, detaching Russia from its Black Sea Fleet naval base. In1992 the Russia Council ruled the give away to be illegitimate. With CIA assistance, Boris Yeltsin would give away a lot more…

The European Union has since fast-tracked East European post-Soviet states Moldova and Georgia to the EU (EurActiv, Dec. 20, 2013) and to NATO (Letter from 40 U.S. Congressmen to U.S. State Secretary John Kerry urging NATO enlargement, Feb. 5, 2014). On March 13, the government of Moldova banned local referendums “on issues of national importance” in case the people get any ideas about fleeing the EU. Incidentally within 24 hours of the coup d’état in Ukraine, Iceland quietly dropped its bid for EU membership (and dodged a repeat volcanic eruption).

Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova compose what the United States calls the “GUAM” countries that occupy ‘favorable geographic positions’ between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea as potential transporters of Caspian Oil; Georgia and Azerbaijan also bridge the Middle East. Following the U.S.-sponsored Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, congressional testimony noted Ukraine has become GUAM’s regional leader in “promoting democracy and human rights” as they join the European Union and NATO (“Ukraine: Developments in the Aftermath of the Orange Revolution.” Hearing before Subcommittee on Europe and Emerging Threats of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, 109th Congress, 1st Session, July 7, 2005, p.27).

In 1995 Grand Chessboard Brzezinski left for Baku to a deliver a letter to Aliyev on behalf of the President Clinton and the U.S. oil companies. Brzezinski became Amoco’s paid consultant. (“Pipe Dreams-Struggle for Caspian Oil: Azerbaijan’s Riches Alter Chessboard.” Washington Post, Oct 4, 1998). President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, rated the world’s sixth most corrupt nation, had awarded billions in oil contracts to BP-Amoco, Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil – all pieces of Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, financier-collaborator of the Nazi Third Reich (Part I) and CIA covert operations to round up nations into their European Union.