Leave the European Union, Euro: Ukraine, Syria, Iran Middle East Proxy War – Proxy for What?

“I think it is absolutely tragic, it is shameful, it is sinful that Western Civilization is going to go down the drain… I am extremely skeptical now that it can be saved. I think we’re just about finished.” – Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (1966). Interview in 1974 with Washington Post reporter. Consultant to U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy.


On September 3, 2013 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called for a strike against Syria in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

“Let me just make it very, very clear. The world decided after World War I …the loss of an entire generation…in Europe that we would never again going to allow gas to be used in warfare… [I]t was used by Adolf Hitler to gas millions of Jews; it was used by Saddam Hussein …to gas Iraqis … and now it has been used by Bashar al- Assad. Three people in all of history. And if the United States… knowing that we’ve drawn a line…is unwilling to stand up and confront that …. I don’t know how we could live with that.” –  “Full Transcript: Kerry, Hagel and Dempsey testify at Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Syria.” Washington Post, September 3, 2013;  Video.

We can look at the Syrian situation and more generally, the Middle East in isolation or within a broader context. Since “Unit 731” during World War II the worst known chemical attack occurred when the United States – guided by Secretary Kerry’s Yale alumni establishment – released (video wikimedia) Monsanto and Dow Chemical’s Agent Orange over Viet Nam killing an estimated 400,000 people and deforming over 500,000 newborns (web) … and twice in world history, the U.S. atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August 1945 after Germany’s surrender in May 1945, as fears are fomented over a ‘nuclear Iran.’

Or consider further U.S. General Wesley Clark’s revelations the contents of a 2001 classified memo – a “policy coup” – under 43rd President George W. Bush that the United States military would be used to

 “to attack and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years … Iraq…Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran… [T]o destabilize the Middle East – turn it upside down, make it under our control… They could hardly wait to finish Iraq before they’d move into Syria.” Excerpt of speech at the Commonwealth Club of California. Video October 3, 2007.

In 2003 United Nations weapons inspectors dismissed as forgeries FBI and CIA intelligence documents from the United States and British government that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons (“Fake Iraq documents ‘embarrassing’ for U.S.” CNN Mar. 14, 2003). Reported in 2007, 43rd U.S. President Bush authorized the CIA to mount covert “black” operations to destabilize the Iranian government (web) and Syria (“The Redirection.” New Yorker, Mar. 5, 2007 web). By August 2013, a chemical sarin attack killing civilians around Damascus, Syria followed by shell mortar attacks on the embassies of Russia (The BRICS Post,Sept. 23, 2013) and China (China’s Consulate, Sept. 30, 2013 web). On October 29, the BBC reports foreign fighters may have imported a polio outbreak into Syria as confirmed by the World Health Organization.

What does this have to do with the Fourth Reich? Or for that matter, the “so-called” Third Reich? Where on earth would its headquarters be? Adolf Hitler gave the Third Reich a face, but the financiers of the “so-called” Third Reich and Fourth Reich are about the same. Where in all this and the smoke plumes covering the Middle East, why for the sake of your peoples and national sovereignty, leave the European Union and euro, if sovereignty is what you value.

Consider the rationale for European Union economic integration in the triptych above. It is a union into the Subverted Euro-Dollar Siamese Twin. The IMF data shows the Eurozone share of world GDP (“Euro Area”) has been in decline for over a decade since its adoption of the euro. In fact, it has been cut roughly in half. The downward trajectory holds for the broader European Union and more generally, the Western world. The debt to GDP is worse.

Brought to fruition by the financiers that unleashed Hitler onto Europe, the exclusivity of European Union membership creates an aura of desirability some might equate to a continental-sized Madoff scheme. But if there is an indication of the true nature of the European Union, consider the petition on the White House website to impose personal sanctions on Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych for suspending their decision to join the European Union, posted November 26, 2013 as fears are fomented over …Russian imperialism?

In an interview six years ago (Transcript, YouTube) the inner workings of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard and company had pre-ordained Ukraine to be part of European Union and NATO. Perhaps a bystander to the Grand Chessboard might observe that NATO is the military integration what was dressed as economic integration in the European Union that is a block of real estate adjoining China and Russia. This aura of European Union desirability according to declassified documents, was created by covert operations since at least 1948 to push for the European monetary union and suppress debate until “adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable.” (“Euro-federalists financed by U.S. spy chiefs.” The Telegraph, Sept. 19, 2000). Financed by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE) was created that funded and directed covert operations behind the European Movement and its arm, the European Youth Campaign to bring about the “Pan-Europe” European Union.

In the 2007 interview, Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke of Ukraine,

“And I happen to think that as the Ukraine moves to the West, towards the E.U., eventually towards NATO, it will pave the way also for Russia moving towards the West… Because if it [Russia] isn’t, then it’s going to find itself essentially facing China all by itself…”

To emphasize European Union desirability, Brzezinski’s colleague Brent Scowcroft remarks,

“Russia right now is searching for its soul. It’s trying to figure out what it really is. You know, since the days of Peter the Great, Russians have been maybe Europeans who didn’t share in the enlightenment…or are they Mongol Asians with the European veneer.”

(Heaven forbid the Asian-looking folk.) As we will observe, Kissinger and company worked to bring enlightenment to Mother Russia, but if London can not save William Browder (Run Cyprus! Leave the Euro), Mikhail Khodorkovsky might have company in Siberia.

Back in 1926, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s financial genius and co-founder of the Bank for International Settlements, called this their “Pan-Europe Union” (“Schacht endorses Pan-Europe Union.” New York Times, Oct. 29, 1926). With the “most important banker of the century” they protected from prosecution for war crimes – director of Deutsche Bank that financed the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz – the New York-London financiers with Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Bank chairman and vice president of the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank (now J.P. Morgan Chase), would bring to fruition the European Union with covert operations funded by their Ford and Rockefeller foundations… as its founders collaborated with the Nazis. How would “most important banker of the century,” Volcker and company induce the unsuspecting public into financing the “so-called” Fourth Reich? Who would lead them in the ways of market intervention and projection of a “strong dollar” policy? Perhaps the London Gold Pool? The same “most important banker of the century” who would push Great Britain into the European Union.

From whom would Hitler implement the vision of the Master Race, the massacre of millions in the Holocaust?

[During the Nazi period, Hjalmar Schacht was president of the Third Reich’s Reichsbank. Schacht served as a key link between Wall Street and Hitler’s inner circle. Schacht’s father worked at the Equitable Trust Company of New York which was controlled by J.P. Morgan (Sutton, Antony. 1976. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, p. 17). That family tradition continued in 1930 when Hjalmar Schacht delivered a lecture at the University of Chicago (J.D. Rockefeller founded) as son, Jens Schacht, entered the banking business at the First National Bank of Chicago (“Dr. Schacht Here Today; Son….” Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct. 26, 1930), a J.P. Morgan-controlled interest that itself was called the “daughter” investment house of the Rothschilds in London (“Great Financial Houses.” The [London] Times Nov. 8, 1927). Schacht often visited the United States where he “has many friends and admirers.”  (“Schacht 60 Today. Germans Hail Him.” NYT, Jan. 21, 1937).

Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman co-founded the Bank for International Settlements with close friend Hjalmar Schacht (“Lord Norman…” L.A. Times, Feb. 4, 1950), though behind Governor Norman were the private bankers who built him up to a position where others would regard him as an “oracle” (Quigley, p.325). The BIS was founded on May 20, 1930 by seven banking institutions, the ‘American’ ones being First National Bank of New York (now Citigroup), and J.P. Morgan & Co. and First National Bank of Chicago (both now J.P. Morgan Chase), all J.P Morgan-controlled interests. Morgan “operated as if it were in London” (Quigley, Carroll. 1975 edition GSG pub., p. 327) being central to the New York and London partnership as Montagu Norman rarely acted in major world problems without consulting Morgan representatives (Quigley, 62). After Germany’s surrender, Bank of England Governor Norman dispatched his man to pick up the “most important banker of the century” – Deutsche Bank’s financier of Third Reich industrial war expansion – as they would round up post-war nations into the  European Union. Consider why.]

A New York Times story in 1948, about three years after the end of World War II takes us back to the oil pipelines in Damascus, Syria that began with “The big overriding United States interest in the Middle East is oil…” (“Middle East’s Oil Cause of Concern…” NYT, Jan 31, 1948) along with the French and British oil interests that fueled World War II. To cut through the smoke plumes covering the Middle East, consider that access to oil (and natural gas) has evolve to also be the currency in which oil is priced and settled that casts a shadow on Reich aspirations over the subverted European Union euro-U.S. dollar Siamese twins. But more context is needed from the financiers of the “so-called” Third Reich that takes us to their formation of the European Union, as the modus operandi shifts from Nazis to Islamic jihad terrorists, to the general international terrorist.

More specifically, it is the wealth behind the Aramco oil interests in Saudi Arabia of the Rockefellers’ Standard Oils and Socony-Vacuum (“Rockefeller Family Oil Ownership…” Wall Street Journal, Dec. 10, 1928) – now Exxon Mobil through ‘mergers’ (Los Angeles Times, Dec. 2, 1998), a re-integration of the ‘money trust’ once broken up by U.S. antitrust laws (“Inquiry Bares $25,000,000,000 ‘Money Trust’.” Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 18, 1912; “Oil Trust Trials…” NYT, Oct. 3, 1937) – and Britain’s Anglo-Iranian Company in Iran since 1908.

Saudi Arabia granted oil concession rights to the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil with pipelines paid by the American people as the Standard Oils made “vast profits” from oil sales to the U.S. Navy (“Vast Oil Profits in Arabia…” NYT, Mar. 28, 1947)… and collaborated with Hitler’s Third Reich as General Electric financed Hitler’s election … and China and the Soviet Union fought the Nazis. [Pictured left top: The dyes of the uniforms worn by the American corpses, before the blood stains, was produced by General Aniline & Film Corp., the largest manufacture of dyes for U.S. army uniforms, controlled by I.G. Farben in Germany and financed by Wall Street. Picture left below: Ukraine, with Russia and China suffered the worst human losses in World War II.] The German people would be mortgaged to repay the war debt with over 60 million dead human beings already paid in World War II, as the American people too continue to be mortgaged.

To whom? Let’s look at the Board of Directors of the American I.G. Chemical Corporation (former I.G. Dyes), renamed General Aniline & Film Corp. of I.G. Farben which expanded in 1929 with a $30 million debt offering. Its Board of Directors included Wallace Teagle, president of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey; Charles E. Mitchell, chairman of National City Bank of New York-Standard Oil’s bank; Edsel Ford, president of Ford Company, son of Henry Ford; Paul M. Warburg, chairman, International Acceptance Bank; Herman A. Metz, president General Aniline Works; and I.G. Farben Executive Committee members Dr. Carl Bosch its chairman, Hermann Schmitz until 1936 and Wilfrid Greif. (“Display Ad 23.” Washington Post, Apr. 26, 1929). Hermann Schmitz was from 1936 to 1939 director of the Bank for International Settlements, co-founded by Hitler’s Hjalmar Schacht who directed the Third Reich’s Reichsbank to whom General Electric sent election funds, Nationale Treuhand. I.G. Directors Mitchell, Teagle, and Warburg were also from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Sutton, p. 47).

The Wall Street banking syndicate is deeply interconnected through trusts, shares, bonds, and directorships across multiple, intertwined company boards, etc. For instance, American I.G. Chemical held  234,925 shares in Standard Oil (“Rockefeller Family Oil Ownership…” WSJ Oct.28, 1939). The Rockefellers hold controlling shares of Standard Oil, but there other shareholders and ‘patronage’ including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., First Boston Group, Brown Harriman & Co., Mellon Securities, Blythe & Co. and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (“Four Oils Gain $343,000,000 in Day.” WSJ, Sept. 12, 1929; “Standard Oil Issue $85 million in Debt.” NYT, July 7, 1938). [See also O’Laughlin, John Callan. “Inquiry Bares $25,000,000,000 ‘Money Trust’.” Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 18, 1912.  During the war, roughly the same syndicate notables underwrote  $40,000,000 ($610 million today) for Standard Oil. (“38 Firms Offer 2 New Oil Issues.” NYT, Aug. 21, 1941). In 1928, Deutsche Bank acquired 10 million marks of I.G. Farben. (“Offer German Dye Trust…” WSJ, Dec. 7, 1928).

[The idea being by now, over three-quarters of the nation's banking assets are concentrated in a handful of interconnected banks. In 2000, J.P. Morgan became J.P. Morgan Chase through a merger with the Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank, reported by the New York Times as Rockefeller’s acquisition of J.P. Morgan. In 2012 the Rockefellers and Rothschilds financial interests merged, though the betrothal goes back a century. J.P. Morgan and Rothschild have been manipulating the gold market since at least 1895, draining the U.S. Treasury of gold by buying up two-thirds of the country’s gold output (“Ruin for the Country.” Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1895) until they were able to implement their Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.]

“Yes: it is known to all I.G. directors in Auschwitz” that chemicals produced by I.G. Farben, Zyklon B gas, were used to murder people in the concentration camps, admitted I.G. Farben director von Schnitzler (Sutton, p.37).

Begun in 1928 the Rockefeller Foundation and Hitler’s Third Reich jointly funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’ national study on Germany’s racial purity (“Denies Reich Seeks to Improve Race: Scientist Says Purity Rather Than Superiority…” NYT, Sept. 1, 1933), as IBM’s census equipment (“Watson Expects Good I.B.M. Year.” WSJ, Jun 19, 1930) would help facilitate in the identification of Jews  (See Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust, 2008) and IBM’s Hollerith punch card technology would keep track of the body count (“I.B.M.’s Solutions for the Holocaust in Poland.” Jerusalem Post, Mar. 29, 2002).

In 1937, Adolf Hitler bestowed upon IBM President Thomas Watson the Nazi Merit Cross of the German Eagle for his efforts in world peace (IBM’s Hollerith, pictured left from Black’s book); Dr. Hjalmar Schacht presented the honors. (“Thomas J. Watson is Decorated by Hitler.” NYT, July 1, 1937). Hitler would honor Henry Ford with the Nazi medal in 1938. (“Hitler Acclaimed by 200,000 in Fete.” NYT,  July 30, 1938). The wealth behind the Ford and Rockefeller foundations would fund covert operations to round up post-war nations into the European Union.